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Matt Cardona suffers second embarrassing loss in NWA 74 rematch

Matt Cardona’s triumphant return from a devastating torn bicep injury went from dream to nightmare. Cardona suffered an embarrassing loss to his handpicked opponent, Rolando Freeman, at NWA 74, then Cardona was humiliated again in defeat to Rolando in a No DQ bout on the season premiere of NWA Powerrr.

After Rolando’s first night of glory, he celebrated with the Spectaculars. Rolando dug deep with grit and heart to push through the pain and pin Cardona.

Cardona entered the evening with confidence for revenge and turning his eye to becoming two-time NWA worlds heavyweight champion at Hard Times 3 on November 12.

Cardona even had the audacity to interrupt an interview with Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat to call his shot at Trevor Murdoch for the Ten Pounds of Gold at Hard Times 3.

When it came time for the rematch, Cardona was flanked by Mike Knox and Rolando was accompanied by brother Rush Freeman. The Powerrr main event began with Rolando using speed to score a flying sunset flip. An angry Cardona dropkicked an innocent Rush on the outside. Rolando played cat and mouse with Cardona to cause fits of frustration. Rush dished out a punch as payback, and Rolando connected on a suicide dive. Knox scurried over with a chair to protect Cardona.

Cardona got back on track by tripping Rolando through the ropes. Cardona hit an inverted DDT, but Rolando kicked out. Cardona tore off his own t-shirt to choke Rolando.

Cardona used a chair to tenderize Rolando in the midsection and back. Cardona then ripped off Rolando’s bow tie to rub on his own crotch and disrespectfully smoosh in Rolando’s face. Cardona planned to ram Rolando into a chair in the corner, however, Rolando escaped for a sunset flip. Cardona charged forward in a rage. When Rolando evaded, Cardona crashed into the chair. Rolando rallied for punches, spinning backfist, jumping headbutt, and corner splash. Cardona reversed an Irish whip to send Rolando into the steel chair. Rolando came back for a flying dropkick, flatliner, and slingblade. Cardona was down cold. Rolando made the cover in an effort to repeat the impossible upset again. 1, 2, Knox put Cardona’s foot on the bottom rope for the break.

All hell broke loose after that. Rush rushed over to brawl with Knox. VSK joined the fray. Brady Pierce evened the numbers. Rolando took flight for a crossbody onto the pile below. Back inside the ring, Cardona struck with a low blow. Cardona pummeled Rolando in the corner with three consecutive running boots. Rolando was destroyed. As Cardona taunted his opponent, Murdoch ran in for a flying bulldog. Murdoch pulled Rolando on top of Cardona. 1, 2, 3. Rolando was the winner!

With that victory, Rolando is angling for a shot at the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship.

The NWA Powerrr season premiere is currently available for free viewing with the main event starting at 35:45.

What’s you reaction to Rolando Freeman defeating Matt Cardona twice in a row?

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