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AEW Dynamite Preview (August 31, 2022): All Out Go Home

All Elite Wrestling comes our way from the NOW Arena in Hoffman Estates, Illinois, and it’s the final Dynamite before All Out.

Last week, two wolves were inside Daniel Garcia, sports entertainer Chris Jericho and wrestler Bryan Danielson. Jay Lethal cheated to defeat Dax Harwood, which was lame, but it got cool when he announced that the Motor City Machine Guns would be his trios partners at All Out. Thunder Rosa sadly announced that she would be out for an undetermined amount of time, and an Interim Women’s World Championship will be crowned in her absence. Stokely Hathaway stole Billy Gunn’s children. Britt Baker defeated KiLynn King and tried to cut a promo disparaging Thunder Rosa but got a face full of Shida and Storm instead.

Keith Lee & Swerve Strickland casually invited The Acclaimed to face them for their championships. In a shockingly short match, Jon Moxley defeated CM Punk to become the undisputed world champion. Christian Cage accepted Jungle Boy’s All Out challenge. Absolute Ricky Starks called out Powerhouse Hobbs and reminded everyone that he’s unparalleled on the mic. And finally, The United Empire defeated Death Triangle to move on in the trios tournament because of stupid Kip Sabian and his cardboard box!

This Week’s Headliner

Y’all remember when Jon Moxley beat CM Punk for the Undisputed World Championship in like 2 minutes? Yeah, that was awesome.

Jon Moxley is scheduled to address the audience tonight, and we’ll theoretically hear who his opponent at All Out will be. Of course, it’ probably just going to be CM Punk again so he can win the championship back in Chicago (adjacent), but who knows, it could be anyone!

(It’s just going to be CM Punk)

The Title Scene

Look, I’m still mad that Death Triangle lost to United Empire because they have been consistently one of the best stables in all of AEW and have put on some of the best matches in wrestling in the past five years, and it’s so annoying that this dumb Brit with his not even that cool flips and reeeeaaal questionable history comes in and beats them because of some Twitter feud. So it will be immensely satisfying when The Elite trounces The United Empire tonight to move on in the Trios Championship Tournament.

Have Team PAC beat stupid Kip Sabian into oblivion with his All-Atlantic Championship. Bet that title looks great covered in blood.

Thunder Rosa had to step away from AEW temporarily (????) due to an injury which means the women’s championship match at All Out is now a four-way match for the Interim Women’s World Champion. Tonight, Jamie Hayter & Britt Baker team up in a tag match against Toni Storm & Hikaru Shida to give us a taste of what to expect on Sunday.

I agree with Wardlow; all the MJF drama has tainted his TNT Championship run. Hopefully, teaming with FTR and beating the snot out of Jay Lethal will help get him back on track. I just hope he doesn’t hurt The Motor City Machine Guns too severely because they deserve to be in AEW a hell of a lot more than Jay Lethal.

It’s finally happening! Jade will defend her TBS Championship against Athena at All Out. Now Jade has the Baddies in her corner (and theoretically Stokley’s new stable), but all of Athena’s friends are busy with their own feuds or are injured, so it looks like she’ll have to face Jade on her own. But if anyone can break the 36-0 streak, it’s Athena. Maybe.

Swerve in Our Glory decided that The Acclaimed were worthy of sharing a ring with them. The Acclaimed accepted their offer to fight for the Tag Team Championships but didn’t like the casual way Swerve & Lee offered the opportunity. The Acclaimed are popular as hell right now, but they clearly still have a lot to prove. Especially to themselves.

Despite their desperate clamoring to get the FTW Champion’s attention HOOK is still ignoring Angelo Parker and Matt Menard. HOOK is like a Chinese finger trap. The harder you try to fight him, the more indifferent he becomes to your struggle.

Other things to keep an eye on:

- *BIG BREATH* Last week, Daniel Garcia tried to explain to his “cool dad” Chris Jericho that he totes ruined his moment in front of his hero Daniel Bryan Danielson, but Chris Jericho would have none of it and tried to send Daniel Garcia to his metaphorical room but then Daniel Bryan Danielson came out and was like, “hey kid, you’re a wrestler,” and Daniel Garcia was like, “oh sh*t, am I?” but then Chris Jericho got mad and was like, “I dare you to fight me for custody of my son at All Out,” and he agreed but then Jake Hager beat up Daniel Bryan Danielson, and Daniel Garcia was like “but seriously, was I a wrestler this WHOLE time??” and now Daniel Bryan Danielson is going to beat up Jake Hager tonight while Chris Jericho talks about it and then they are going to fight on Sunday and then hopefully Daniel Garcia will get some answers.

- One can safely assume Christian Cage and Jungle Boy will spit some vitriol at each other in anticipation of their All Out match. It’s likely, Powerhouse Hobbs & Ricky Starks will do the same. It’s getting real personal y’all!

- Even real suspensions don’t mean anything in pro-wrestling because Eddie Kingston now has a one-on-one match with Tomohiro Ishii on the All Out kick-off show. Though I guess an argument could be made that having to wrestle Ishii is a creative and potentially painful punishment.

- The Dark Order defeated The House of Black to win the title of spooky perverts and move on in the trios tournament. Yay! House of Black tried to recruit Miro (again), but he was saved by those other spooky perverts, Sting & Darby. Yeah...there is too much happening here. Expect them all to show up in the Casino Ladder Match.

Tune into AEW on TBS at 8pm E.T. — and join us in our live blog — to see how all this plays out.

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