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AEW Dynamite Preview (August 3, 2022): Fragile Egos

All Elite Wrestling comes our way from Schottenstein Center in Columbus, Ohio. Last week, Jon Moxley defeated the unpinned Rush, but all he got for his troubles was a crazy old wizard yelling at him. They finally announced a trios championship! Ricky Starks defeated Danhausen to retain his FTW championship, only to immediately lose it to HOOK and then get taken out by his former bestie, Powerhouse Hobbs. Dante Martin lost to Sammy Guevara but was rescued by Eddie, Ruby & Ortiz from the wrath of Tay Conti and Anna Jay. Jay Lethal and his crew said they wanted to mix it up with Orange Cassidy and his crew. Jungle Boy proved that Christian Cage isn’t the only one that can cut a brutal promo. Hangman Adam Page became the prettiest belle at the ball after the announcement of the trios titles. Malakai Black made it clear that he wants Miro to join his little club while Brody King made it clear that he wants Darby Allin dead. Thunder Rosa retained her title when she defeated Miya Yamashita. And finally Daniel Garcia soundly defeated a returning Bryan Danielson in a less than tasteful finish.

This Week’s Headliner

Chris Jericho is not only a wizard, but he’s an absolute ding dong. Who knew that Wheeler Yuta was not only a master strategist in the ring but on the mic as well?

On Rampage, he deftly goaded Jericho into agreeing to put his Interim World Championship title shot on the line, so tonight they go one-on-one, and the winner gets to face Moxley at Quake by the Lake.

I don’t know about you, but I agree with Wheeler, Claudio, and Regal. He definitely can beat Chris Jericho.

The Title Scene

Good lord, give this man something to do. We’re doing a TNT Championship open challenge, right? RIGHT?

HOOK is now the FTW Champion, and Team Taz is no more after Powerhouse Hobbs turned on a wounded Ricky Starks. I know; I’m all up in my feelings about it too. But at least we’ll get to see Powerhouse Hobbs wrestle tonight. This also means we’ll probably see Ricky Starks because there is no way he is letting that betrayal go unanswered.

After another successful title defense, the Women’s World Champion will team her ThunderStorm partner to battle it out with her forever nemesis Dr. Britt Baker & Jaime Hayter. It looks like we’re headed to ThunderRosa vs. Britt Baker 16.0, but there is always a chance that Britt’s words will work their way into Toni Storm’s ears and that she’ll turn on her partner for a title shot. We shall see.

Stokely is out here making money moves while the TBS Champion keeps ducking Athena. I know AEW loves #longtermstorytelling, but good god, pull the trigger on this one, please.

If I had known PAC winning the All-Atlantic Championship would mean that he was permanently banned to Dark I wouldn’t have cheered so hard.

Are the Tag Team Champions still being sued or whatever? I feel sort of bad for them because they won the titles right before the Trios Championships were announced, and all the tag teams are out on these streets looking for a third like it’ll save their marriage. Hope Adam Page has his good chaps on tonight!

Other things to keep an eye on:

-Just when you thought pro-wrestling couldn’t get more stupid/amazing, The Acclaimed has challenged The Gunn Club to a dumpster match. Honestly, it’s shocking that wrestlers don’t get more gross skin infections. Just remember kids, no scissoring in the trash!

-After a few injuries and frankly too much tv time, The Undisputed Elite returns to Dynamite presumably to answer the siren call of the trios championships.

-Matt Hardy versus Christian Cage? Now that’s long-term storytelling.

-Orange Cassidy goes one-on-one with Jay Lethal. Eh, at least OC is getting that paycheck. Seriously can we have a weekly ROH show so Jay Lethal has something to do?

-Will Miro join The House of Black? Will Brody wait for Darby to answer his challenge before he decides to just murder him for realsies?

Tune into AEW on TBS at 8pm E.T. — and join us in our live blog — to see how all this plays out.