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EC3’s Control Your Narrative goons crashed NWA 74

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EC3 ruffled feathers at NWA 74 with his Control Your Narrative goons in tow. On Night 1, EC3 verbally bashed the nostalgia of the NWA celebrating their 74th anniversary. Thom Latimer stepped up and that led to a match for Night 2. That’s where CYN physically bashed Latimer.

EC3’s strategy against Latimer was to flush out Latimer’s inner demons. EC3 worked with rugged physicality hoping to anger his opponent. Latimer rallied for clotheslines, slams, and a flatliner. When Latimer aggressively taunted EC3, the CYN leader slapped Latimer across the face. Latimer did not take kindly to that contact. EC3 laughed then spit in Latimer’s face. Latimer snapped to pummel EC3 in the ropes. The referee enforced a rope break, then Latimer went back to pounding. The referee threatened disqualification. Latimer was so consumed in anger that he shoved the ref without thinking and went back to smashing EC3 into a pulp. The match broke down after that.

Latimer appeared to be setting up a piledriver. As the referee considered calling for the bell, three goons wearing Control Your Narrative shirts ran in to attack Latimer. Leo Fox, Curt Gannon, and Stacee Alexander did some stomping.


EC3 gathered a chair. He shouted, “You’ve been warned,” swung at Latimer, then stopped short. EC3 took a seat to whisper in Latimer’s ear.

The official result was a no-contest.

That finish fits in line with the first step of EC3’s tough love. He got in Latimer’s head to expose the lack of control over his demons. Latimer will likely learn to conquer his inner strife to control his narrative and become a better wrestler. Plus, EC3 was able to get exposure for the Control Your Narrative brand.

Do you like the story being told so far between EC3 and Thom Latimer? Was this an effective way to incorporate Control Your Narrative publicity onto the larger NWA stage?

Get full results of NWA 74 Night 1 here and NWA 74 Night 2 here.

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