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Kamille tears house down for second night in a row as NWA women’s world champion

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Kamille is a stud as NWA women’s world champion. Look no further than NWA 74 for proof. On Night 1, Kamille bested Taya Valkyrie in a war of attrition to steal the show. On Night 2, Kamille battled a monster in Max The Impaler for an equally exciting effort. Both matches tore the house down.

During introductions, there was an ominous aura in the air that Kamille’s title reign would be coming to an end. The champ was still feeling the effects of rumbling with La Wera Loca the night prior. The challenger was a bruising hoss smashing through the competition to get to this point. With Kamille at less than full strength, Max became the betting favorite. Ring the bell!


Max overwhelmed Kamille with power for the early advantage. That’s no easy task considering Kamille is a brickhouse. Max made it look easy though. Kamille would fight back with punches, then Max would clobber her back down to the mat. Max picked up where Taya left off. Against Taya, Kamille remarkable kicked out after three consecutive curb stomps. Max went for the same attack with a curb stomp on the mat and a curb stomp on the bottom turnbuckle. Kamille was dazed, but she managed to make a dramatic kick-out on the cover. That was a tense moment, because it was being built as a potential bull rush win for Max.

Kamille’s standard attacks were having little effect on the monster, so she went out of her wheelhouse for an aerial approach. Kamille connected on a flying crossbody and a flying dropkick. Max kicked out at 1. Kamille climbed the corner again. This time Max rushed over to intercept, however, Kamille slid down to lift Max for a torture rack into a spinning powerbomb. Max kicked out at 2. Kamille’s offense was taking its toll to wear down the monster.

Max regrouped to go for a spear out of desperation. Kamille sidestepped to leap over the torpedo and then hit a spear herself. Kamille was slow to cover with Max close to the ropes. Father James Mitchell made sure to take no chances and placed Max’s foot on the bottom rope to break the pinfall. Kamille did not take kindly to that sinister interference. She exited the ring to kick some minister ass. Sal the Pal and Gaagz The Gymp ran out to protect Mitchell. Kamille shoved Gaagz into the guardrail and speared Sal on the floor. The champ was fired up.

Kamille went for another spear. This time, Max blocked the maneuver and countered for a Wasteland backbreaker finisher. 1, 2, Kamille kicked out! Max went for a second Wasteland finisher, but Kamille escaped for a back body drop. A double clothesline put both competitors flat on their backs. Max was up first and smashed Kamille in the corner with repeated shoulder blocks to the midsection. Max backed away to pick up steam charging forward. Kamille dodged, and Max collided into the corner. Kamille pounced for a roll-up. 1, 2, 3! A big smile flashed on Kamille’s face as she outsmarted the monster to retain the NWA Women’s World Championship.


Kamille is here to stay as one-time champ. Why one-time? Because she isn’t losing. Kamille’s reign currently stands at 449 days and counting. Even though Kamille is still learning on the job and isn’t a perfect product just yet, she added two legit bangers to her résumé at NWA 74. She has great presence as a powerhouse and knows how to work the NWA crowd for big match drama. Kamille has been a heel for her entire NWA career, but bouts like that are going to flip her into a fan favorite.

Shout-out to the NWA for booking Kamille against the two most desired opponents to give the fans what they want. Taya was the veteran belt collector, and Max was the unstoppable monster. Both presented legit challenges to create an unpredictable winner. Kamille rose to the occasion to conquer in a highly entertaining manner.


Where does Kamille stand on your hierarchy of current champions?

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