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Trevor Murdoch survives Tyrus’ heart punch to retain NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship

The main event of NWA 74 was a hoss fight pitting Trevor Murdoch against Tyrus for the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship. Murdoch had a few tricks up his sleeve, but it was his intestinal fortitude that carried him to victory.

Murdoch and Tyrus sized each other up to start the match. The worlds champ spied BLK Jeez ringside in support of Tyrus, so he took the initiative to prevent any cheating from Jeez. Murdoch exited the ring and grabbed Jeez for a surprise DDT on the floor. Murdoch rolled back into the ring, and Tyrus charged. Murdoch anticipated the attack and was able to land a big boot in defense. Tyrus was dazed. Murdoch hit his finisher flying bulldog. Is this going to be a squash in the first minute? 1, 2, Tyrus kicked out!

Tyrus rolled out of the ring and got the better of Murdoch in a brawl on the floor. Back in the ring, Tyrus worked the body and used his size advantage to squeeze the air out of Murdoch. Standing leg drops, standing elbow drops, short-arm clotheslines, and running corner splashes were the order of business. Tyrus even did pushups off Murdoch’s back.

Murdoch found his second wind to rally with punches. The champ went for the sleeper. Tyrus backed Murdoch into the corner in an effort to escape. In the process, they mashed the referee into the turnbuckles. Ref down!

Murdoch connected on a clothesline. He rolled out to retrieve the ring bell as a foreign object. Murdoch had second thoughts and dropped the bell. He was not rewarded for his good deed. Murdoch turned around and walked into a heart punch from Tyrus. Nobody has kicked out of the heart punch in the NWA. Could this be the end? 1, 2, Murdoch kicked out!

NWA 74

Tyrus and Murdoch were battling on the outside. Tyrus wanted to use the ring bell. Jeez attempted to distract the referee, but the ref was not fooled so easily this time. Tyrus couldn’t get the right angle out of the ref’s line of sight to cheat, so he abandoned that idea. Back in the ring, the referee was still occupied with Jeez, so Murdoch landed a low blow to Tyrus. Murdoch launched for the flying bulldog finisher. 1, 2, Tyrus kicked out! Murdoch kept on the pressure for a another flying bulldog. That was enough to finally keep Tyrus down for the count as Murdoch retained the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship in front of his hometown crowd.

This match was much more exciting than I was anticipating. Both men have limitations on doing fancy moves. They crafted a dramatic story instead and worked the heck out of it. The first minute was bonkers and immediately demanded attention to the match. It created a vibe that anything could happen at any time. The false finishes were electric. I don’t know if this bout will win over any doubters, but it sure should satisfy fans of the current NWA product.

What was your reaction to the NWA 74 main event?

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