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EC3 bashes nostalgia to control his narrative in NWA debut

EC3 made his NWA debut at NWA 74 to control his narrative.

EC3 wrestled big strong Mims to earn a victory. Mims was returning from a shoulder injury, so EC3 strategized to focus his attack on that region. The One Percenter headlock driver paved way for an arm triangle shoulder submission. Mims tapped out.

NWA 74

The result of that bout was never in doubt. EC3 arrived as the debut star, so it was clear that success was in the cards. The mystery was how EC3 would tie in Control Your Narrative into his appearance. He did so in a post-match promo ridiculing NWA’s use of nostalgia for their 74th anniversary.

EC3: Here I stand on hallowed ground, the NWA!

Where we pay homage to the past, the legends who paved the way, the legends who made us believe, and the legends that won’t go away. The past is just a story. Once you realize that, it has no power over you. And if I can be frank, that story, that story sucks. We are so desperate for nostalgia we hold on to it because it’s comfortable. It’s conforming. But we can not look away when the future stares us right in the face. And in that future, you, you, you, you, you, you, you (pointing to people in the crowd), you control your narrative.

Nostalgia is a curse. It is a crutch. It is a reminder of the painful present. Nostalgia is suffering. And as long as I stand in this ring, nostalgia is dead.

Enter Thom Latimer taking exception to EC3’s comments. Latimer shed his jacket ready to fight. EC3 remained calm with his back turned.

EC3: If there’s one good thing that came out of this brand, It’s you (Latimer). Because of this place, you got clean, you got sober, you found your wife (Kamille), you found your purpose. Thom, because of this place, on the surface, you’re happy. But if I look deep into your eyes, Thom, I know the man you once were and the man you still are. Because you, sir, have demons. You have a darkness inside of you. And until we quell that, until we put out that fire, you forever will be trapped by it, Thom. Latimer, I know your demons. And before I leave this place, I will pull each and every one of them out.

You’ve been warned.

EC3 stared Latimer in the eyes to deliver his catchphrase then exited the ring.

NWA 74

History between EC3 and Latimer runs back to 2011 when they teamed together for a match in FCW. Despite their overlapping time in TNA/Impact from 2014 to 2017, EC3 and Latimer (aka Bram) never crossed paths for a singles match.

If this feud plays out like other recent stories from EC3 in Impact and ROH, then Latimer has a good chance to be a world champion in the NWA. When EC3 decided to begin controlling his narrative in Impact, his target was Moose. They went to war against each other. In the end, EC3 brought the best out of Moose helping solve inner turmoil. Moose went on to become Impact world champion. In ROH, EC3 had his eyes on the Briscoes. Jay Briscoe in particular. Jay’s persistence in wanting to fight EC3 led to a riff with his brother. Mark Briscoe ended up splitting away in an effort to focus on the tag titles. Once Jay finished his beef with EC3, that cleared the road for the Briscoes to reunite and become 12-time ROH tag champions.

As abrasive as EC3 sounded toward Latimer, I suspect his intention is to actually push Latimer to the next level of success. Latimer has been on the cusp on being a main-eventer in the NWA, but he’s still lacking the ability to push into that extra gear that champions possess.

Are you buying what EC3 is selling?

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