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Kamille and Taya Valkyrie steal show in women’s championship main event at NWA 74

Kamille and Taya Valkyrie were given the main event slot for NWA 74 Night 1, and they did not disappoint. The NWA Women’s World Championship bout stole the show.

Kamille came in as reigning NWA champion for 448 days. Taya Valkyrie entered as reigning women’s champ in AAA, MLW, and a variety of other promotions across the land. It was a collision course of epic proportions.

NWA created an electric atmosphere for a big fight feel. Kamille and Taya stood across from each other as larger than life figures. The referee gave a professional breakdown of rules. Ring the bell.

Mat work to start. Taya targeted Kamille’s left shoulder as strategy to prevent the spear finisher. The action escalated into throwing haymakers in the center of the ring. Taya chopped Kamille so loud that the sound echoed through the venue. Both women kept pecking away at each other with the aim to grind down energy reserves.

Kamille scored an offensive run for a rising knee, body punches to the midsection, and a gutwrench suplex. Taya came back to set up a sliding German suplex. On the outside, Taya got rowdy ramming Kamille into the steel barricade and shouting, “Viva La Wera Loca, cabrones!”

Taya had corner control for running attacks. Kamille caught a kick to lift Taya up for a powerbomb. The slugfest continued. Kamille planted Taya on a powerslam. The champ was able to hoist the challenger up for a torture rack submission. Kamille wrenched Taya’s spine before spinning her body into position for a sitdown powerbomb. Taya kicked out on the cover. Kamille pounced for a spear, but Taya immediately rolled out of the ring after impact.

On the outside, Taya gained control with an electric chair drop smashing Kamille’s face into the apron. Inside the ring, Taya landed a jumping double stomp. Kamille kicked out. Taya dragged her opponent into the corner, however, Kamille rose up to execute a superplex. Kamille maintained momentum for a Canadian Destroyer. That wasn’t enough to keep Taya down for the count.

Taya ducked a kick to take Kamille down for the Loca Lock submission. Kamille crawled to the ropes for the break. Taya went full steam ahead for a running knee. Kamille refused to lose in that moment. As Taya plotted her next move, Kamille used the referee as a crutch to stand. Taya charged for a spear, but she accidentally tackled the referee. Ref down!

Kamille scored a roll-up, but there was no official to make the count. Kamille checked on the referee, then she turned around into a roundhouse head kick from Taya. La Wera Loca poured on the punishment with three consecutive curb stomps. With the referee still incapacitated, Taya retrieved the women’s title belt. Kamille was up on shaky legs giving Taya an easy target. Boom! Kamille was down flat on her back. A new champion seemed to be a sure thing at this point. Taya revived the ref for the pinfall. 1, 2, Kamille kicked out in a dramatic display of intestinal fortitude.

Taya aimed to finish with the Road to Valhalla. Kamille escaped. A double headbutt stunned both warriors. Taya charged forward, and Kamille was waiting to strike with a spear. Success. Kamille made the pin to retain her championship.

That was a damn good match and satisfying conclusion to NWA 74. This bout was not technically crisp. Kamille and Taya made up for that by building the intensity and tension to a fever pitch by the end. The emotion was palpable. They went to war clubbering and clobbering in a battle of attrition.

Kamille’s weekend is not over. She will face Max The Impaler at NWA 74 Night 2. Max won the Burke Invitational gauntlet match to earn the title shot. That matchup is going to be a hoss fight supreme.

Get full results for NWA 74 Night 1 here.

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