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Matt Cardona suffers embarrassing loss to handpicked opponent at NWA 74

Matt Cardona defied the odds to return to the ring after suffering a devastating bicep injury. Cardona underwent surgery and made his comeback match at NWA 74 after a mere three months of recovery time. The NWA allowed Cardona to handpick his opponent, and it backfired for an embarrassing loss.

Cardona entered the ring in peak physical condition. The savior of the NWA was back. He suffered a life-threatening injury tearing the bicep off the bone. He missed out on wrestling at his own PPV, Alwayz Ready. To add insult to injury, Cardona had to relinquish the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship. An ordinary man would be out of action for 6 months. Cardona worked his ass to return in 3 months.

Cardona teased who he would not pick as his opponent. It won’t be Nick Aldis. He doesn’t trust Aldis not to take liberties and re-injure his arm on purpose. It won’t be Bully Ray. Bully has been bullying him on social media by extreme-shaming him as not being hardcore. Cardona is the Deathmatch King! It won’t be Trevor Murdoch or Tyrus. They deserve their well-earned spot in the world title main event on Night 2 of NWA 74. Besides, Cardona already has a title shot in his back pocket thanks to a promise made by broski Billy Corgan.

Cardona is selecting a future hall-of-famer. His opponent is the biggest, baddest, toughest around. Cardona will wrestle Rolando Freeman. Freeman is the fellow in the middle of this photo.

Cardona started with a handshake and cheap shot kick to the midsection. Freeman didn’t back down. Cardona mocked the height difference and lowered to his knees for a test of strength. Freeman responded with a punch to the face. Cardona pummeled his opponent around the ring. Freeman found an opening to connect on a flying dropkick and followed with a running flatliner. Cardona kicked out to carry on the fight.

Cardona was back on track dishing out punishment. He blasted Freeman with a brutal boot in the corner. That looked like enough to earn the win. 1, 2, Cardona picked Freeman up to break the pinfall. Cardona went for the pin once more and repeated the same thing again. Cardona stood up to blow a snot rocket down on Freeman. Cardona decided play time was over and made another cover with his middle finger high in the air. Freeman took advantage to counter for a crucifix pin. 1, 2, 3, Freeman won! Freeman pulled off the upset to defeat Cardona.

Everyone was shocked, and the crowd went wild with jubilation.

Backstage, Cardona was furious about Freeman ruining his big night. Cardona blamed Billy Corgan for a secret conspiracy of collusion.

That was a hilarious turn of events. Leave it to Matt Cardona to be a master of wrestling entertainment. His loss was totally unexpected to create a memorable moment at NWA 74.

How did you react to Cardona’s return match?

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