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Sermon on the Mat (Aug. 25, 2022): BLP, Limitless, SHP, & H2O cards;

Plus free matches from H2O, Zelo Pro, & Enjoy Wrestling!

Poster for BLP Total Eclipse of the Hart Black Label Pro on Twitter

Welcome back to the Sermon on the Mat, your weekly one-stop shop for news from the wider world of wrestling beyond the big cable TV monoliths that get all the coverage.

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BLP Total Eclipse of the Hart (Aug. 27, 3 pm CT)

  1. BLP Rumble
  2. Bang Bros (August Matthews & Davey Bang) vs. Miracle Generation (Dustin Waller & Kylon King)
  3. Adam Priest vs. Kevin Blackwood
  4. Big Damo (c) vs. Kevin Ku (Progress World Championship)
  5. “WARHORSE” Jake Parnell vs. Trish Adora
  6. Cole Radrick vs. Marko Stunt
  7. Erick Stevens vs. Isaiah Broner
  8. Calvin Tankman (c) vs. Crash Jaxon (BLP Championship)

Black Label Pro are back and the Mouth of the South is with them, baby! Plus a defense of the Progress World Championship, the return of Erick Stevens (wrestlers and retirements, right?) and a rumble!

Check it out live on IWTV, folks.

Limitless Vacationland Cup 2022 (Aug. 27, 7:30 pm ET)

  1. BRG vs. Channing Thomas vs. Mac Daniels (Vacationland Cup First Round Match)
  2. Ace Romero vs. BEEF (Vacationland Cup First Round Match)
  3. Charles Mason vs. Dezmond Cole (Vacationland Cup First Round Match)
  4. Ricky Smokes vs. Rip Byson (Vacationland Cup First Round Match)
  5. Circus Ninjas (Jay Lyon, Midas Black, & Nolo Kitano) vs. Shook Crew (Bobby Orlando, Bryce Donovan, & Max Caster)
  6. ARTE (Aaron Rourke & AVA) vs. Team GRIND (Delmi Exo & Travis Huckabee)
  7. Vacationland Cup Semifinals & Finals

Limitless Wrestling are back with their showcase tournament, featuring nine of the best that New England has to offer! Plus former Sea Stars explode in tag team action, Max Caster leading the whole Shook Crew into battle, and more!

Check it out live on IWTV, folks.

SHP Based on a True Story (Aug. 28, 3:30 pm ET)

  1. Duncan Aleem vs. Reid Walker
  2. Marcus Mathers vs. Ryan Radix
  3. Adonis Valerio vs. Deklan Grant
  4. Kasey Kirk vs. Stan Stylez (c) (Intergender Bonanza Super Championship)
  5. Ryan Redfield vs. Terra Calaway
  6. Bam Sullivan vs. Brandon Kirk
  7. Conor Claxton vs. Razerwyng
  8. Gabriel Skye vs. Lucky 13
  9. Dyln McKay vs. Matt Demorest

Sean Henderson Presents is back with a true story of a wrestling card studded with New Jersey’s finest, y’all!

Check it out live on IWTV, folks.

H2O Separate Ways (Aug. 29, 8 pm ET)

  1. Devantes vs. GG Everson
  2. Duncan Aleem vs. Terra Calaway
  3. Chris Bradley vs. Dan O’Hare
  4. Adonis Valerio (c) vs. Kit Osbourne (H2O Hybrid Championship)
  5. “Speedball” Mike Bailey vs. Rocket
  6. Ryan Redfield & Steve Manders vs. the End Game (Darien Hardway & Leroy Robinson) (c) (H2O Tag Team Championship)
  7. Brandon Kirk vs. Lucky 13 (c) (H2O Danny Havoc Hardcore Championship Victory or Valhalla Deathmatch)
  8. Alex Stretch & Anthraxx vs. “Low Life” Louie Ramos & Matt Tremont (No Rope Barbed Wire Deathmatch)

Last but not least, Hardcore Hustle Organization cap things off with a little ultraviolence for your Monday night, with the Bulldozer teaming up with his old pal Low Life Louie to put an end to Stretch and Anthraxx!

Check it out live on IWTV, folks.

Free matches here!

Atticus Cogar vs. Kennedi Copeland

Listen, I’m a simple woman, you put skewers in your thumbnail, I’m running the match. Enjoy the violence courtesy of H2O!

Davey Richards vs. Simon Gotch

Some tight sprinty fresh grapping action for y’all courtesy of Zelo Pro right here!

Lee Moriarty vs. MV Young vs. Trish Adora

Last but not least we’ve got this episode of Enjoy Wrestling featuring three-way action for the Enjoy Championship, don’t miss it!

As always...

Remember folks, no matter what type of wrestling you like, no matter how down you feel about the state of WWE, AEW, Impact, ROH, or any other “big-time” pro wrestling, there’s something out there for you. There’s a pro wrestling product that can hit you in the right spot and make you love wrestling like you thought you’d never be able to love it again. It’s there, I promise. You just gotta reach out and find it, and that, my friends, is what the Sermon on the Mat is all about.

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