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AEW Dynamite Preview (August 24, 2022): Battle of the Champions

All Elite Wrestling comes our way from the Wolstein Center in Cleveland, Westeros Virginia. Last week, CM Punk spoke for the first time after his return from injury. He had a lot of spicy things to say about Hangman Adam Page, but since The Cowboy was busy, Jon Moxley answered Punk’s call to action. Powerhouse Hobbs told Tony Schiavone that he has BIG plans. Daniel Garcia took Bryan Danielson to the limit but couldn’t slay The American Dragon. The tag champs showed up to remind everyone that they are Rampage regulars now. The Gunn Club defeated The Varsity Blondes and turned on their father, which worked out for Billy Gunn because he got to scissor with his chosen sons, The Acclaimed. Christian Cage tried to reconcile with Jungle Boy, but Jungle Boy said “Nah” and tried to break his arm instead. Toni Storm defeated Kilynn King while the champ watched from backstage. And finally, Kenny Omega returned to help his pals, the Young Bucks advance in the trios tournament, and Andrade took his loss so poorly that he turned on Dragon Lee.

This Week’s Headliner

CM Punk is back, and naturally he wants to be in the spotlight as the only World Champion. His reign was cut short, and he has a lot of time to make up for. And you know what they say, no time like the present!

Jon Moxley, on the other hand, has held down the fort in Punk’s absence as the Interim World Champion, and like most things in Mox’s life, he ain’t giving it up without a fight.

This reunification match was supposed to happen at All Out, but neither of these gentlemen are paragons of patience, so it’s happening tonight!

It seems pretty obvious to me that this match will end in disqualification or have some shenanigan-laden ending so that the real match can still happen at All Out but who knows. There could be a mysterious challenger waiting in the wings that the AEW crew thinks will be more of a draw than Punk vs. Mox. It seems unlikely but stranger things have happened.

The Title Scene

The Trios Championship Tournament continues tonight when AEW staple Death Triangle (complete with All-Atlantic Champion PAC in the mix) take on Will Ospreay & Aussie Open. This match should 100% go Death Triangle’s way since they have been essentially the unofficial trio champions of AEW since their debut as a faction. They are three of the most talented wrestlers on the entire roster and should be rewarded for their consistency in entertaining us. Meanwhile, Ospreay and his crew are still outsiders. Sure there are some storylines to build on that started in other companies but is that really the direction we want to go in this tournament? Also, I hate Ospreay, and he should always lose. PAC FOREVER.

Despite being on the upcoming PPV, the Women’s World Champion doesn’t seem to have much going on during the show. I suppose she and her tag partner and the future opponent could tussle or something... Their feud is still “amicable” right now, so it’s kinda boring. Guess we’ll just settle back and watch the tv next to her. Maybe we’ll all learn something.

I guess we should be thankful that Britt Baker is wrestling Kilynn King, so we have some women’s action planned for tonight. Le sigh.

AEW is good at many things. Do you know what they’re not good at? Keeping up natural momentum. Example: Wardlow being over as hell when he won the TNT Championship, and now he’s just a forgotten midcarder in a feud with a tired stable and a man that has failed again and again to inspire audience reaction. Hey! But at least he has cool friends like Dax Harwood who are willing to go one-on-one against Jay Lethal so that Wardlow doesn’t have to again. That’s friendship, man.

Jade destroyed Athena’s hand-made cosplay wings on Rampage, so if you didn’t think this TBS Championship feud was personal, IT IS NOW. * weeps in foam core *

The Tag Team Champs defeated Private Party on Rampage, and it was great. I’m sure they’ll tell us what else they’ll be doing on Rampage this week because that is where they actually get to wrestle.

The FTW Champion has taken out the Jersey Shore trash and is most likely enjoying some much-needed HOOK time, eating Doritos, and ignoring The Jericho Appreciation Society.

Other things to keep an eye on:

-Chris is pissed that Daniel Garcia might actually be a wrestler and not a sports entertainer! Tonight they meet to discuss Garcia’s future in their little club.

-QT Marshall and The Factory are trying to recruit Powerhouse Hobbs despite Hobbs betraying Ricky Starks and Team Taz cuz they lose all the time. You know who doesn’t ever win? The Factory. Still, they have promised to take Ricky Starks out for Hobbs, which is interesting because I’m pretty sure Starks doesn’t even know QT’s name. I guess we’ll see when the Stroke Daddy speaks tonight.

-The Gunn Club turned on their dad Billy Gunn last week, giving Daddy Ass all the excuses he needed to join up with his favorite adopted sons, The Acclaimed. Tonight Colton Gunn tries to take out his dad, but he will likely also have to go through The Acclaimed and the power of their scissoring. Is this the best feud in AEW? You bet your Ass Boys it is.

-Unlike Christian Cage, I want more unhinged Jungle Boy!!

-The Bucks and Kenny Omega advanced in the trios tournament, but it was a struggle for Kenny. Hopefully, we hear from The Cleaner tonight to learn more about his return.

-What’s going on with Dragon Lee & Andrade?!

Tune into AEW on TBS at 8pm E.T. — and join us in our live blog — to see how all this plays out.

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