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Former Impact X-Division champion teases joining ROH

AEW’s Twitter

Fans of Rohit Raju, rejoice. The former X-Division champion has been floating around the scene since departing from Impact, and now he is teasing joining up with ROH.

Rohit has had a handful of matches in AEW lately. After a rough start, he is on a win streak in singles action. Rohit’s victory over Invictus Khash on the latest episode of Dark extends his success to three straight victories.

Rohit’s promo after the match is what has people talking.

Tony Schiavone inquired what Rohit’s future holds in professional wrestling. Rohit replied:

Rohit Raju: Tony, you’ve been doing this a long time. You tell me what does my future hold.

Tony Schiavone: Well, based on what I’ve heard from Tony Khan and officials at AEW and ROH, they think your future is very, very bright.

Rohit: Bright, bright, as in his mother calls him sun because he shines like one bright. You nimrods walk outside each and every day and you don’t even pay attention to that beautiful star in the sky. That’s me, shining since day one. Forever shining. It don’t matter if it’s AEW Dark. It doesn’t matter if it’s Dynamite. Hell, you can’t even spell Rohit without the letters R-O-H.

I will find my success, and then you’ll have no choice but to look up and pay attention to professional wrestling’s brightest star, Rohit Raju.

Rohit doubled down on the ROH tease by tweeting, “You can’t even spell “Rohit” without the letters R-O-H!!”

ROH, under Tony Khan’s leadership, has yet to secure a broadcast deal for a weekly program, so the idea of Rohit joining ROH will have to be taken with a grain of salt for now. If ROH ever gets back into the swing of things on the regular, Rohit would be a solid addition to the roster. He has the gift of gab and can back it up in the ring. Rohit didn’t receive an endorsement from the big boss for nothing.

Do you think Rohit Raju would shine bright in ROH?

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