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AAA Verano de Escandalo recap: Fenix pins mega champ, hair vs. hair, more!

AAA’s Verano de Escandalo originally took place August 5 in Aguascalientes. The show aired live nationally in Mexico, and now it is available worldwide on YouTube for your viewing pleasure. The four-match broadcast included Taya Valkyrie, Fenix, and Pentagon Jr. teaming as an official stable against Hijo del Vikingo, Chik Tormenta, and Taurus in the main event, Lady Shani versus Hijo del Tirantes in hair versus hair, Cibernetico and Pagano heating up their beef in trios action, as well as a four-way dream bout.

Taya Valkyrie, Fenix, and Pentagon Jr. united for the main event to officially debut as the Lucha Squad. Hijo del Vikingo teamed with Chik Tormenta and Taurus. As far as I could tell, there was no reason given for Vikingo on a rudo team. He wrestled fair and square as a tecnico during the bout. The primary story for the match was Fenix angling for a shot at Vikingo and the Megacampeonato.

Fenix and Vikingo went toe-to-toe to start. Lucha libre grappling led to a pop-up leapfrog for Vikingo to hop over Fenix and tag in Taurus. Pentagon and Taya entered to have Fenix’s back. Fisticuffs erupted. Taya landed a flying crossbody onto Vikingo and Taurus on the outside, and Tormenta landed a flying cannonball onto the Lucha Bros on the outside.

The match progressed to Vikingo picking up steam trying to pin Pentagon. Vikingo hit a springboard poison rana inside the ring and a springboard corkscrew crossbody outside the ring. Vikingo set Pentagon up for a 450 splash to win, but Fenix pushed his brother out of harm’s way. Taurus grabbed Fenix for a release German suplex. Pentagon used Taurus as a stepping stool for a Mexican Destroyer to Vikingo. Taurus speared Pentagon. Taya executed a crucifix bomb on Taurus. Tormenta executed a high DDT to Fenix. Everyone was down.

Get the tables! Pentagon and Taurus set up a pair of tables on the floor for the next big spot. Apron dueling led to Pentagon planting Tormenta on a package piledriver and Taurus crushing Taya on a cradle driver at the same time through both tables.

That cleared the ring for the final showdown between Fenix and Vikingo. The luchadores threw blows back and forth. Fenix landed a high kick and picked up Vikingo for a finisher. Vikingo escaped but ran into a big boot. Fenix went for a rolling cutter. Vikingo caught him in the air for a swinging uranage. Vikingo softened up Fenix for a 630 senton. 1, 2, Fenix kicked out. Vikingo went high risk again, but Fenix knocked him down to straddle the top turnbuckle. Fenix executed an amazing inverted Spanish Fly. 1, 2, Vikingo kicked out. Fenix kept on the pressure for a Fire Driver to pin the mega champion clean. When Fenix held the title high, Vikingo snatched it away for a staredown.

Hijo del Vikingo is set to defend the AAA Megacampeonato at Triplemania XXX Chapter 3 in Mexico City on October 15. The question is who will be Vikingo’s opponent. Dorian Roldan wants to give the fans a match they desire, and leading candidates are Fenix and Kenny Omega.

The co-main event was hair versus hair between Lady Shani and Hijo del Tirantes. Hijo del Tirantes is a biased rudo referee openly screwing particular luchadores. Shani is the latest to be fed up with Hijo del Tirantes’ antics. Don’t blame it on Hijo del Tirantes though. To hear him tell it, Shani is in love with him. The referee for the match was Hijo del Tirantes’ father, Tirantes. Double the Tirantes, double the fun. Tirantes is angry at the way his son has been disrespecting the ladies.

Hijo del Tirantes started by slapping Shani across the face. He muscled her early. Shani came back with a flying crossbody, whirling headscissors, and suicide dive. On a second suicide dive attempt, Hijo del Tirantes clobbered her with a chair. Hijo del Tirantes took control until Shani exploded for strikes, a hip toss off the apron down to the floor, and a back body drop into the first row. Back in the ring, Shani continued with a powerbomb and armbar, but she couldn’t keep Hijo del Tirantes down.

Hijo del Tirantes lost his cool and shoved his father. Shani threw a kick, but Hijo del Tirantes caught it and tried to fake a low blow. Tirantes didn’t bite, so the match continued.

Hijo del Tirantes executed a powerbomb on Shani and followed with a Death Valley Driver into a table leaning in the corner. The wood didn’t break. Hijo del Tirantes went for a second DVD. Shani escaped and speared Hijo del Tirantes through the table. 1, 2, Hijo del Tirantes kicked out. Shani applied a headscissors cruceta hold then transitioned to an arm submission with a cruceta on the legs to prevent escape. Hijo del Tirantes submit in defeat, and he received a haircut as punishment.

In the aftermath, Tirantes ridiculed his son’s behavior. Shani put Hijo del Tirantes in his place, and he hopes Hijo del Tirantes asks for her forgiveness. Hijo del Tirantes recognized that he lost, but he doesn’t have to apologize to anyone. Tirantes called his son a coward, so Hijo del Tirantes extended his hand in peace to his opponent. Shani shook on it, then Hijo del Tirantes powerbombed her to the mat. Tirantes tried to stop his son’s attack, so the son kicked his father in the crotch. Hijo del Tirantes shouted that Tirantes has no son from here on out.

Hijo del Tirantes continued his humiliating haircut backstage. Hijo del Tirantes couldn’t believe that his own father cooperated with this decision. With a shaved head, the debt is paid.

In trios action, Cibernetico teamed with Psicosis II and Abismo Negro Jr. as Los Vipers against Psycho Clown, Pagano, and Charly Manson. The story centered around the feud between Cibernetico and Pagano. The match began with the tecnicos gaining on edge in the wrestling aspect. The rudos attacked with cookie sheets to take control. The tecnicos rallied with cookie sheets, so the rudos took it up a notch by using chairs.

The closing sequence began with Manson landing a suicide dive onto Abismo. Psycho tackled Psicosis onto open chairs. Pagano planned for a suicide dive, but Cibernetico was waiting to whack him with a cookie sheet. Cibernetico broke out thumbtacks and slammed Pagano on top of the daggers. Enter Konnan, who also has beef with Cibernetico, to toss barbed wire over to Pagano. Today I learned that barbed wire translates to alambre de púas. Watching AAA is just as informative as watching Plaza Sesamo. Pagano wrapped his hand with barbed wire for a loaded punch then wrapped his thigh with barbed wire for a flying leg drop to win.

Pagano and Cibernetico will continue their feud in hair versus hair at Triplemania XXX Chapter 3 on October 15.

The opener was dubbed a dream match between Rey Horus, Willie Mack, Bandido, and Laredo Kid in four-way action. Johnny Caballero (aka John Morrison) was originally in the lineup, but he skipped out due to injury.

The finish began with Laredo leaping for a cannonball over the guardrail onto Mack in the front row. Bandido aimed to follow with a suicide dive, but he ran into a flying crossbody from Horus. Horus continued with a cazadora facebuster. Bandido turned the tide for a pop-up slam then closed with a swinging gutwrench powerbomb for victory.

Overall, that AAA episode showcasing Verano de Escandalo was an enjoyable program. The four-way opener and the main event will satisfy your lucha libre fix. If you are interested, those are the two matches to watch. The main event finish between Fenix and Hijo del Vikingo was a great taste of what could come in a singles bout for the Megacampeonato. The trios bout with Pagano and Cibernetico was street fight light with a surprise appearance from Konnan to pop the crowd. Lady Shani competing against Hijo del Tirantes in hair versus hair was sports entertainment fun.

Share your reaction to Verano de Escandalo. How badly do you want to see Fenix challenge Hijo del Vikingo for the Megacampeonato?

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