The Nightly: August 15th, 2022

Hello Nightly!!!

Tonight we take a look at the August 30th, 1999 edition of WCW Monday Nitro. This wasn’t a particularly great episode. After what seemed like months of buildup, we finally got the official debut of Berlyn, who is a repackaged Alex Wright. The new look is cool, but it’s really just the same foreign heel gimmick that had been way overdone. Elsewhere, the main story is Lex Luger trying to convince Sting that Hulk Hogan is still a heel at the end of the day, and honestly, Lex Luger has a point. Hogan was a complete scumbag character, and did a lot of horrible heel things. Why should everybody trust him again? It’s a good idea for a story, but it’s one that has a very disappointing outcome come Fall Brawl.

Overall, this was a lackluster episode of Nitro, which has basically become the new norm with this show.

On to the Nightly.

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