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Ric Flair’s already talking about ‘next time’ after Last Match

Since the Nature Boy doesn’t like it when we in the web game talk about his health, we’ll only briefly touch on this tweet’s discussion of the dehydration he says caused him to pass out twice during the main event of Ric Flair’s Last Match on July 31.

We are glad Flair is saying he’ll drink more water than beer before the “next time” he does “something big”. But we’re more focused on the fact the 73 year old is already talking about “next time”s...

Now, few really believed his win with Andrade El Ídolo over Jeff Jarrett & Jay Lethal two weeks ago was really going to be his last match. Especially not after this one made a bunch of money. But did we expect him to begin teasing “next time”s so soon?

And, to be fair to Flair, he doesn’t specifically mention another match here. He’s already been back to general pro wrestling activities, having cornered Andrade in Puerto Rico for a match with Carlito the week after Last Match, getting involved with Eddie & Carlos Colón in the process.

But while discussing that on his To Be The Man podcast, Naitch did a different kind of backtracking on the whole “Last Match” thing...

“I wish I hadn’t said it was my last match. That’s gonna get heat. Hell, they wanted me to wrestle in Puerto Rico on Saturday night. I said, ’Guys, I cannot get in the ring one week later.’ And the guy looked at me and said, ‘Well, you know what, could retire in Puerto Rico can’t you?’ No, no, no that’s not the point.”

At least he had the restraint to not immediately make it a global retirement tour. How long will he be able to fight off the temptation? Do you feel better knowing he’ll at least be better hydrated when he does his next “Last Match”?

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