LMS European Championship

This LMS event will feature the WWE European Championship. Created in 1997 it quickly became highly sought after and was part of the original WWE Grand Slam. There were three champions that held both the WWE Intercontinental and European Championship at the same time and were referred to as Eurocontinental Champions. D-lo Brown, Kurt Angle and Rob Van Dam. The will start at 12 points also Shawn Micheals is the only wrestler to hold both the WWE and European Championships at the same time and will also start at 12 points. This event should be a quicker one as there will only be 27 champions featured but there will be no Battle Royals for this event.

  • Please read all Rules
  • All Wrestlers start at 6 points, when they reach or drop below 0 the are eliminated.
  • Each post you can add 3 points to one wrestler and minus 3 points from one wrestler.
  • You must wait until 3 people have posted before you may post again.


The British Bulldog -6
Shawn Micheals -12
Triple H -6
Owen Hart -6
D’lo Brown -12
X-Pac -6
Shane McMahon -6
Mideon -6
Jeff Jarrett -6
Mark Henry -6
Val Venis -6
Kurt Angle -12
Chris Jericho -6
Eddie Guerrero -6
Perry Saturn -6
Al Snow -6
William Regal -6
Crash Holly -6
Test -6
Matt Hardy -6
The Hurricane -6
Bradshaw -6
Christain -6
Diamond Dallas Page -6
Spike Dudley -6
Jeff Hardy -6
Rob Van Dam -6

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