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AEW Dynamite Preview (August 10, 2022): Lions at the Lake

All Elite Wrestling comes our way from the Target Center in Minneapolis for Quake at the Lake. Last week, Jay Lethal defeated Orange Cassidy in the opening bout and earned himself a title shot against Wardlow (that he lost). Adam Cole said Bros before Bucks when he turned on Matt & Nick because they didn’t pick Bobby Fish as their trios partner. Adam Page came to The Bucks defense, and the trio made a very interesting tableau in the ring. Jon Moxley reminded the audience and his future opponents that all bets are off when you enter the ring with the interim champ. Jungle Boy casually tried to run Christian Cage over with an SUV. Jamie Hayter pinned the Storm half of ThunderStorm in a tag match and earned herself a title shot against Thunder Rosa at Battle of the Belts. Sami Guevara and Tay Conti were too busy getting married to care about wrestling, but Eddie Kingston made it known that he’ll be waiting for their return. Darby Allin agreed to jump into a coffin or whatever with Brody King. Christian Cage defeated his old nemesis Matt Hardy, but then had to haul ass through the audience to get away from his new, much faster nemesis, Jungle Boy. Anna Jay proved she’s gone all darksided when she put an AEW crew member in a headlock with her new JAS friends. The Acclaimed took out the trash, aka put The Gunn Club inside a dumpster and pushed them off the stage. And finally, Chris Jericho defeated Young Wheeler to retain his interim title shot, but boy did he have to work for it!

This Week’s Headliner

Jon Moxley puts his Interim World Championship on the line tonight against Chris Jericho. But not just any Chris Jericho but the Lionheart Chris Jericho!

This will be a good match, but it’s 100% something we’ve seen a thousand times before. You can say “but it’s the Lionheart” all you want, and it’ll still be just a Moxley vs. Jericho match for the championship.

What I’m interested in is what happens after because this isn’t just a match between Moxley and Jericho, but it’s a part of the ongoing feud between The Blackpool Combat Club and The Jericho Appreciation Society. That’s the real story, and it will continue no matter the outcome of the match.

The Title Scene

Technically Wardlow defeated Jay Lethal to retain the TNT Championship, but this feud is far from over. No one likes to get a three-on-one beatdown after their match. Especially not the Wardog. We wanted a series of open challenges, but I think we’re getting a long-term Jay Lethal/Wardlow feud instead. Joy.

Thunder Rosa retained her Women’s World Championship at Battle of the Belts III despite interference from Britt Baker. She really owes Toni Storm a solid for making sure the former champion didn’t get too involved. Perhaps she should say thank you with a title shot? Just a thought.

Madison Rayne has taken over creative in the women’s division. But it wouldn’t be AEW without the ones in charge also wrestling for title shots, so tonight, she shoots her shot at the TBS Championship. Look, she’s not going to win, but it’s going to be awesome seeing Madison Rayne in an AEW title match, and I’m very excited for the future of the division under her tutelage!

The Tag Team Champions haven’t had much to do since they won the titles. Hopefully, this changes with the return of FTR. They need a meaty feud to get them on tv.

Andrade and Rush are taking on The Lucha Bros in a tornado tag match that is sure to steal the show, but I want to know whether the All-Atlantic Champion will come back and partner with his Death Triangle besties to go after the Trios Championships? Please, for the love of the god who fears Miro put PAC back on my tv.

HOOK is the FTW Champion. Who will be the first brave soul to challenge someone so cool and intimidating?

Other things to keep an eye on:

-Darby Allin agreed to face Brody King in a Coffin Match. Now normally, Darby wins the coffin matches because he’s like spooky and goth or whatever, but Brody King is also spooky and goth or whatever! Also he’s really big. And frankly, Darby Allin could stand to lose some more matches.

-Ricky Starks has gone solo, albeit against his will. Tonight he appropriately goes one-on-one with Aaron Solo. See what I did there?

-Will be see the official return of The Elite tonight? That’s some good ass long term storytelling right there!

-Hopefully we get to see more Tay Conti and Sammy Guevara wedding pics!

-Will Jungle Boy succeed in his attempts to murder Christian Cage? Only time will tell.

Tune into AEW on TBS at 8pm E.T. — and join us in our live blog — to see how all this plays out.

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