Comparing Wrestling Title Runs to The 1975 Albums

I did say I would bring this back. The final series idea I had before taking a sabbatical has returned, kind of. This is going to be more of a variety thing, I’m going to take either title runs, PPVs, or wrestlers themselves and compare them to things. First up, as the title suggests, comparing wrestling title runs to the albums of a favorite modern band of mine, The 1975. Now unlike Pink Floyd, the last one I did way back 9 months ago, I only have 4 albums here since Being Funny in a Foreign Language isn’t set to come out until October, so it’ll be slim pickings to get to one comparison. There’s a poll at the bottom for what to do next, I do have a suspicion I know what will win both because it’s culturally relevant and will also make me suffer because it’s so much. Let’s get this started with self titled debut.

The 1975 (self titled): Cody Rhodes’ first TNT title run

This is a relatively easy comparison: both of these are the first and set a solid benchmark of what they can be. Like Cody’s first run, the debut of the 1975 has the hallmarks they would become famous for: a ton of genre mashups and songs like Chocolate and Girls having full blown 80s influences on the sleeve. Cody’s run had a lot of elements later TNT runs would: open challenge and defended each week along with debuts that would become massive for the company, those of Ricky Starks and Eddie Kingston. While neither are the best, both are important benchmarks. I’d compare my favorite song on it, that being Robbers, to the Kingston match: both are big spectacles that showcase what they are.

I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful, yet so unaware of it- Roman’s Universal Title run

This was a hard comparison, so I picked the best run a belt had. Like I like it when you sleep, Roman’s universal run was a boon of certifying everything. I like it is full blown 80s stylism through and through, with synth lines and horns out the wazoo. Roman’s run has everything you want, a heel who the crowd loves and a true star at this stage. Like the album, it did get a big long in the tooth, there’s a good 5 songs I’d cut off the album, but it ends on a high note like I assume Roman’s will once Drew beats him at the Clash. I’d compare my favorite song, easily Somebody Else, to the TLC match with KO, perfection and a display of what makes the wrestler and artist great.

A Brief Inquiry into Online Relationships- Eddie Guerrero’s WWE title run

Both these have one thing in common: overcoming demons. Eddie of course famously was fired for a brief period in 2002 due to a drug addiction and had his struggles and relapses with his demons. Matty Healy, The 1975’s front man and lead singer, had to leave after the tour and press for I like it when you sleep wrapped due to a horrific heroin addiction that he has since said should’ve killed him. But like Eddie, he overcame and created a solid album. Now this one is also a bit long, but has tons of bangers, from Love It If We Made It, Sincerity is Scary, and album ended I Always Wanna Die (Sometimes). Song comparison is probably It’s Not Living (If It’s Not With You) to Eddie winning the belt and the promo on Smackdown before, both are statements about overcoming demons and becoming better for them.

Notes on a Conditional Form- Brock’s first universal title run.

This one is simple: both these are full of ideas, but go on way too long. Notes on a Conditional Form is 22 songs and has everything from snyth-pop to ambience to emo power like on the debut and it just never ends. The Brock run was the same, with both even having natural end points, Brock was to Roman at mania, Notes is the incredible If You’re Too Shy (Let Me Know), but they both don’t end and just keep going way longer than needed. Song comparison is the Joe feud to The End (Music for Cars) a welcome surprise that really works. If I had to compare the two singles from Being Funny to a run, it’s probably to a tag team run of Liv 4 Brutality, really good and grows on you as time passes, since I now like Part of the Band after hating it initially.

And that is that, the poll for what comes next is here:, I don’t have any specific hopes other than that you all love this and have a great time wherever you are and remember Consultation, degradation Fossil fueling, masturbation Immigration, liberal kitsch Kneeling on a pitch

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