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WES cancels debut show, blames talent

Our expectations were low, but holy s**t.

WES’ Twitter

Wrestling Entertainment Series, the start-up promotion from former WWE tag team AOP, cancelling their debut show is probably one of the least surprising things you’ll hear today. The entire endeavor seemed like a massive overreach (at best) from the start. Gzim Selmani (fka Rezar), Sunny Dhinsa (Akam) and their partners had already postponed one date, and as the rescheduled one approached, more and more talent were pulling out as they publicly complained about organization and communication issues.

The statement they released announcing the cancellation? Maybe it should be a surprise, but it’s still... well, read it yourself:

Dear fans and followers, Unfortunately, we will have to cancel the event scheduled for this Saturday at the Motorpoint Arena in Nottingham England. We are deeply disappointed in the news that we have to share but with so many talent not showing up, we will have no choice then to cancel the event.

Our team worked so hard on this event day in and day out for the fans to come with a different type of wrestling event and believe that we still will be able to show that in the near future.

We do want to say that all our talent that was scheduled have been paid in full and that Lina Fanene [Nia Jax] was paid her deposit as well while she changed her mind and did not want to show up and wrestle anymore. For now we will have to apologize for this, but we promise that it will not end here. See you soon!

- Team WES

Rather than pick this PR nightmare apart, we’ll just turn it over to one of those dastardly talents who ruined everyone’s fun...

If you’re one of the 350 people who allegedly bought a ticket for Saturday’s show? Pre-order the PPV stream? They did realize they forgot to mention you. After Chelsea Green and others reminded them, but still. Not a lot of detail on the refunds you’ll definitely be getting someday, somehow though...

What a mess. A predictable one, but still a mess.

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