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Daddy Magic’s post-Blood & Guts promo has people talking

This clip from the latest AEW Road To video is making the rounds online, and with good reason. In it, Daddy Magic Matt Menard cuts a passionate post-Blood & Guts promo that reminds us a guy most of us think of as comedic/unhinged character has another gear he can go to.

Menard’s work here is being touted by some as PROMO OF THE YEAR, and while that’s probably a mix of recency bias and internet hyperbole with a dash of AEW/WWE tribalism, I do like what he does here a lot (I’m less bullish on AEW’s production... I could have done without the sweeping score).

The ending of Blood & Guts last Wednesday needed a little finessing, and Daddy Magic does that with a good heel explanation that his tapping out to Claudio Castignoli was actually a victory for Jericho Appreciation Society because it denied Eddie Kingston his desired goal of making Chris Jericho submit.

More importantly though, it adds real depth to the JAS. Menard & Cool Hand Ang aren’t just goofy-if-rabid dogs any more, they’re zealots in Jericho’s army. The part of the promo that elicits the most sympathetic reaction — Matt’s emotional breakdown about missing his son’s first steps — cements them as villains: Jericho for asking for that sacrifice for a fight Menard felt the JAS had already won at Double or Nothing, and Menard for willingly making the sacrifice. It also plants the seed for an eventual face turn by him or both 2point0 boys down the road that could get a huge pop if played right.

And while I may not be convinced it’s an ALL TIME GREAT promo, I do think the “You want to make big money you gotta do big boy shit, ya know?” closer is pretty freaking epic.

Let us know what you think, Cagesiders.

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