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Ric Flair’s life is complete now that WWE put his WOO back in the Raw open

Last fall, after Dark Side of the Ring’s “Plane Ride From Hell” episode cast decades of oft-told & celebrated stories about Ric Flair’s drunken, sexually aggressive escapades in a new light, WWE removed Flair’s signature “WOO” from the standard opening for Raw.

It hit the Nature Boy hard. He blamed the company’s President Nick Khan for the move, and vowed to never return to WWE as long as Khan was there.

But the world seems to have moved on from re-evaluating Flair’s legacy. The two-time WWE Hall of Famer didn’t exactly apologize, but he offered some explanations for his actions, and said he never forced himself on anyone. It was seemingly good enough for most of the public, which made it safe for companies to get back into the Ric Flair business... including WWE.

So last night (July 4), a little more than a month after WWE announced they were collaborating with Flair on a new project, the WOO was back on Raw.

Naitch is very, very excited...

So now we know how Flair feels. We have to imagine Heidi Doyle, the flight attendant who alleged Flair assaulted her in May 2002 on the “Plane Ride From Hell”, isn’t as grateful.

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