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AOP’s new promotion sounds like a total mess

Wrestling Entertainment Series, the new promotion from former WWE tag team AOP, seemed like an odd proposition from the jump.

Seemingly out of nowhere, first time promoters Gzim Selmani (fka Rezar) & Sunny Dhinsa (Akam) were putting on a streaming PPV in a big British arena, with a card full of fellow former WWE talent and a well-known mixed martial artist in Alistair Overeem.

But, like many other wrestling start-ups that sounded too good to be true, problems started almost immediately. The show was postponed, leading to a number of wrestlers pulling out of the rescheduled date, and hinting at bigger problems.

Now, as we get closer to that July 9 target, the scaled down show is getting press for all the wrong reasons.

On Saturday (July 2), Impact’s Matt Rehwoldt tweeted that he’d lost time and money as a result of his dealings with WES. The man known as Aiden English during his WWE days also warned fans away from buying a ticket or stream for this weekend’s event:

So @wesofficialtv has cost me time and now cost me income.

I was asked to be on this show but had a conflicting booking. I was told they really wanted me and would pay me upfront. So as they were former colleagues I took them at their word and passed on my other booking.

And since I have been completely ghosted. Zero communication.

I have friends booked for the show and luckily some of them have been paid already but I doubt the show will happen. No travel, hotel, or any pertinent information has been shared with anyone I know.

Now I’m also out a weekend or income due to them. Part of that is on me as I chose to forgo my other date… But as I said I was told repeatedly that “for sure“ this was happening and they wanted me to be there.

I would be wary of buying a ticket or the broadcast of this show.

Then yesterday, Lina “Nia Jax” Fanene tweeted about the fact WES is still using her image in advertising despite her announcement more than a week ago that she wouldn’t be appearing.

At this point, Rehwoldt’s prediction that the show won’t happen seems like a good one. We’ll see. But even if AOP pull something off for this weekend, they’re probably gonna face an uphill battle trying to anyone for a second show.

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