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NWA Roundup: Davey Boy Smith Jr. & Doug Williams defend tag titles, Aron Stevens returns, more!

Let’s check in on the National Wrestling Alliance.

The latest episode of NWA Powerrr (S9E3) featured Doug Williams & Harry Smith defending the NWA tag titles, Aron Stevens returning from retirement, and a promo from Matt Cardona.

La Rebelion (Bestia 666 & Mecha Wolf) accused the Commonwealth Connection (Doug Williams & Harry Smith) of cheating when they won the NWA World Tag Team Championship. Smith was in the ring for 45 seconds as the illegal man during the finish. If the Commonwealth Connection are going to play that way, then La Rebelion requested a Lucha Rules rematch. That bout was the main event of Powerrr.

La Rebelion exploded before the match for a pair for tandem suicide dives. La Rebelion fought with an aggressive edge. Williams slowed down the pace with grinding submissions. La Rebelion rallied with lucha libre moves. They went for their teamwork musclebuster finisher, but Williams escaped. A double superkick knocked Williams out of the ring. Mecha Wolf followed for a suicide dive. Bestia wanted to do the same, and that’s when the Lucha Rules bit them in the butt. Davey Boy Jr. entered the ring to grab Bestia from behind for a powerslam to win and retain the tag titles.

NWA Powerrr

On the promo tip, Rodney Mack teased that he found an individual who has motivated him to destroy the competition. When it was time for Mack’s match, Aron Stevens was by his side as the surprise reveal. Stevens recently ‘retired’ from wrestling, however, commentary confirmed that Stevens obtained a manager’s license.

NWA Powerrr

Mack was having trouble against Anthony Andrews until Stevens fired him up. Mack hit a powerful slam and scored the victory via Euthanizer cross-arm choke. Upon exiting, Stevens stared at Andrews with a devious mastermind expression. Time will tell what Stevens has planned.

NWA Powerrr

Matt Cardona opened the show with an in-ring interview about relinquishing the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship due to a bicep tear. He pointed out that he was never pinned or submitted to lose the belt, so he considers himself to be the real worlds champion. Cardona will come for the Ten Pounds of Gold when he returns from injury, and Billy Corgan better be a man of his word to offer the opportunity of a title shot.

In other action, Max The Impaler & Chelsea Green defeated Missa Kate & Jennacide. Max and Green did not work well as a unit due to Green’s ego, however, Max managed to impale Kate on a backbreaker to earn the win. PJ Hawx defeated Gustavo Aguilar and Sal Rinauro in a three-way for the junior heavyweight division. Sal planted Gustavo with a running flatliner, then he sat in the ring biting the ropes. Hawx shrugged, picked up Sal for a slam, and won via submission.

The latest episode of NWA USA (S3E3) featured Allysin Kay & Marti Belle aiming to regain the NWA women’s tag titles.

The Pretty Empowered duo of Ella Envy & Kenzie Paige defended the NWA World Women’s Tag Team Championship against The Hex in the main event. Kay and Belle entered to fight with fury. Pretty Empowered isolated Belle. Hot tag to Kay. The Hex were on a roll for their teamwork finisher. Paige grabbed Belle’s foot when running the ropes. Envy escaped Kay’s grip for a roll-up attempt. Kay kicked out then walloped Envy with a head kick. Kay connected on a back-to-belly piledriver. Paige made the save with a superkick on the cover. Belle and Paige threw punches as illegal partners. As the referee was trying to restore order, Envy cracked Kay in the head with a title belt to earn the cheating victory. That cheap trick was the same way Pretty Empowered originally won the belts from The Hex.

In other action, Gaagz the Gymp defeated BLK Jeez via inverted DDT. “Magic” Jake Dumas defeated AJ Cazana with help from his magician’s assistant, CJ (Christi Jaynes). Cazana had the win in his grasp after a spinebuster, but CJ hopped onto the apron to distract the referee. Later, Cazana picked Dumas up for a powerslam. CJ hooked his foot causing Dumas to fall on top. CJ then used a scarf to tie down Cazana’s foot preventing a kick-out.

Share your thoughts on all the happenings from NWA Powerrr and NWA USA.

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