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NWA wrestler tackles thief in Walmart

Time for a tale regarding a wrestler from the NWA. This wrestler also happens to be an Italian fashion model, romance novel face, and now a hero. Introducing Mercurio.

The man known as Mercurio (aka Bryan Idol) rose to the aid of fellow wrestler Natalia Markova. The story, as reported by PWInsider, explains that Markova unwittingly had her purse stolen during a flight. Mercurio came up with the idea to track Markova’s AirPods from her purse to potentially locate the culprit. That led them to a Walmart in Florida. Upon arriving at the store, Markova received a bank alert for a $700 TV purchase. Mercurio eyed a man in line trying to buy a television and confronted the suspect. The thief ran away, but he could not escape Mercurio. The hero tackled the swindler. Footage of the incident has been released.

Police arrived to settle the situation. Markova requested her belongings to be returned and declined to press charges.

Mercurio recently debuted in the NWA against Sam Shaw (fka Dexter Lumis). The model went down in defeat, but he demanded an apology for Shaw forcing him to make the ugly face in a choke submission. Nobody makes Mercurio make the ugly face.

Mercurio versus Shaw is available for viewing on NWA USA (S3E1).

Mercurio arrived in the NWA with an arrogant attitude. After this heroic tale in real life, the fans may shower him with cheers. It will be interesting to see how the NWA treats Mercurio for his next appearance.

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