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Edge of Judgement

No Disqualification Tag Team Match

Judgement Day has been attempting to wreak havoc since Finn Bálor’s hostile take over of the group from Edge. They have been moderately successful, especially when it comes to screwing with The Mysterios. Still, the vibe of the stable certainly has been off since Edge’s premature departure - especially since Rhea Ripley was taken out due to injury for a few weeks. But now that Rhea is back, the threat to The Mysterios just got a little more viable, and the no disqualification stipulation certainly works in their favor...

That is unless one Rated-R Superstar decides to screw everything up for them.

The Road to SummerSlam

TLDR Edge created a cool new stable with fellow tall and vaguely spooky wrestlers Damien Priest & Rhea Ripley. They went on a recruiting spree and ended up snagging perpetual loser yet vaguely spooky good guy, Finn Bálor, but whoopsie Finn turned out to be a bad guy, and he convinced Rhea & Damien to overthrow Edge and make him the new leader!

Following in Edge’s footsteps, Judgement Day continued to recruit new members, specifically targeting Dominik Mysterio. It’s been months of will he/won’t he turn on his father, so he seemed like an easy target. But Judgement Day was wrong because while Dominik may have moments of “ugh daaaaad leave me alone” he’d rather team with his cool dad than with a bunch of dudes who have goth dad energy.

Of course, being heels, Judgement Day didn’t take no for an answer, and Dominik was forced to join their stable to save his father.

But PSYCH because you’re either all in on Judgement Day or you’re an enemy of Judgement Day. They rejected Dom’s reluctant acceptance and made destroying The Myterios their raison d’etre.

And what better time to make their menacing presence known than at Rey’s 20th-anniversary celebration? A returning Rhea (in a hilariously apt t-shirt) crashed the party, and dragged Dominik out into the hallway. Rey, unable to resist a trap, got a memorable anniversary beatdown.

Tomorrow The Mysterios will be up against Finn & Damien of Judgement day in a tag team match, but the kicker is that it’s a no DQ, so it’s really a match between They Mysterios and Finn, Damien, AND Rhea.

What to watch for

Edge. Watch for Edge. He may have been kicked out of the stable, but he’s not done in WWE, and a no-disqualification match seems like the perfect time for him to make good on the threats he’s been sending via creepy video.

Edge is coming back. The big questions are when will he return, and who will he go after when he does?

I’m just saying if I were Finn, I’d be dusting off my demon costume right about now.


Who will win?

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  • 55%
    Judgement Day
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  • 45%
    The Mysterios
    (207 votes)
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