Unauthorized CSS Prediction Contest: WWE SummerSlam 2022

Howdy peeps! As a note to Detroit Larry - these still belong to you so if you were doing one for this PPV, it will supersede this one. Also, I am obviously not Detroit Larry so things will look a bit different, but I've always had fun doing these so thought I would throw something together real quick.

The essence of this contest will be picking the winner of each match with a couple bonus questions sprinkled in. The scoring will be dependent on not only your answers, but the booking as well. Happy to answer any questions in the comments that may arise. Also, please enter any corrections or changes in the comments and I will note them.

Submissions and Corrections are due no later than the start of the pre-show.

Scoring is explained in the intro to the form... this being my first time doin it, hopefully there aren't too many glitches. Feel free to add any glitches in the form in the comments and I will fix!

Confused yet? Good!


~~Enter HERE~~

Have fun!

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