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FTR defeat Briscoes to retain ROH tag titles in instant classic at Death Before Dishonor

When FTR defeated the Briscoes to win the ROH World Tag Team Championship at Supercard of Honor, it lived up to the dream match hype. The rematch between FTR and the Briscoes at Death Before Dishonor had lofty expectations once again, and they put on another instant classic.

The rematch at Death Before Dishonor was competed under the 2-out-of-3 falls stipulation. FTR and the Briscoes went to war for an unofficial runtime in the 50-minute range.

Ring the bell for tag team action. Tag team action! The first fall had a standard back and forth flow. Then boom. Pinfall. Jay Briscoe slingshot Dax Harwood into the corner. Harwood got some air under him and hit his head on the ring post. The Briscoes pounced for a Doomsday Device flying clothesline. Jay prevented Cash Wheeler from making the save, so Mark Briscoe could pin Harwood.

Harwood was woozy and bleeding from the chest from chops to start the second fall. The Briscoes worked to isolate and grind on Harwood. Jay booted Wheeler off the apron. When Harwood created space on a German suplex, his partner was not there for the tag. Harwood then hit a super suplex. When he went for the tag, Mark pulled Wheeler off the apron. The Briscoes planted Harwood with the Redneck Boogie powerbomb neckbreaker. Could it be a clean sweep for Dem Boys? 1, 2, Harwood kicked out.

Harwood was able to slide under the Briscoes’ legs to finally reach the hot tag for Wheeler to clean house. The action spilled to the outside for brawling. Back in the ring, Wheeler landed a flying splash. On the kick-out, Jay smashed Cash with the ring bell. Spicoli Driver from Jay and froggy bow from Mark, but Harwood made the save on the pinfall.

Harwood flapjacked Mark into the steel steps. That opened the window for a Big Rig to Jay to even the score.

FTR started the third fall strong when Harwood nailed a piledriver to Jay. That wasn’t enough to earn victory. Back on their feet swinging wildly, Harwood accidentally punched referee Paul Turner. Ref down!

In the confusion, Jay rushed for a Jay Driller piledriver to Harwood. Jay had Harwood pinned long enough to win, but the referee was out cold. FTR came back to counter Jay’s flying crossbody for a Big Rig. The referee was revived after FTR already had a 7-count on the pin. 1, 2, Jay kicked out. The Briscoes roared back for a Doomsday Device to Harwood. Wheeler barely made the save in time.

Cash suplexed Mark onto the ropes, and both tumbled out of the ring. Harwood and Jay engaged in a slugfest. Jay secured Harwood in a camel clutch submission. Wheeler tried to break it up, but Mark placed him in the same hold. FTR reached out to each other to dig deep and escape.

The Briscoes were on the verge of closing with a teamwork flying maneuver. Wheeler sprang up to suplex Mark off the turnbuckles down through the timekeeper table.

Jay blocked a piledriver from Harwood to counter with the Jay Driller. 1, 2, Harwood kicked out. Jay and Harwood dueled on the turnbuckles. Harwood got the upper hand for a super piledriver. He rolled over on the mat out of instinct for the pin to win. FTR retained the ROH tag titles.

In the aftermath, an exhausted FTR cut a promo about their love for professional wrestling. Top Guys out. Well, not quite yet. Claudio Castagnoli and Wheeler Yuta came out on stage as a tease to be the next challengers. That scene closed the show.

What’s your rating for the rematch between FTR and the Briscoes? Does FTR versus the Blackpool Combat Club salivate your senses?

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