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ROH Death Before Dishonor 2022 live results: Gresham vs. Claudio, FTR vs. Briscoes, more!

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Ring of Honor returns with the Death Before Dishonor event on Sat., July 23, 2022, from Lowell, MA. The card is stacked with six championship fights. Claudio Castagnoli looks to win his first world title, FTR aims to cement their legacy as the best tag team, Jay Lethal will try to not be killed by Samoa Joe, and more hot action is in store.

Death Before Dishonor is available for viewing through Bleacher Report and PPV providers in the USA and Canada. The rest of the world will turn to Fite TV for their hookup. The PPV starts at 8 pm ET with the free pre-show at 7 pm ET.

Catch up on storylines with the preview and predictions. Join us for updates and have fun chatting in the open thread.


Ian Riccaboni and Caprice Coleman were on commentary with Bobby Cruise as ring announcer.


Colt Cabana defeated Anthony Henry. JD Drake was ringside in support of Henry. Henry focused on attacking Cabana’s neck. Boom Boom rallied with a whirlybird back suplex and jabs. The action spilled outside. When Drake approached Cabana, Colt popped him with a punch. Drake clubbed back with a pop-up uppercut. Henry pounced for a running leg lariat in the guardrail corner. Back in the ring, Henry connected on a frog splash, but Cabana kicked out on the cover. Colt used a comedic sandbag tactic as deadweight to block a German suplex and counter for the Billy Goat’s Curse submission. Drake hopped onto the apron as a distraction. Cabana ole’d Henry colliding into Drake then landed a moonsault for victory.

The Trustbusters (Ari Daivari & Slim J) defeated Shinobi Shadow Squad (Cheeseburger & Eli Isom). The Trustbusters seized momentum down the stretch. A suplex sent Cheeseburger out of the ring leaving Isom as the target. Slim J landed a flying crossbody followed by a frog splash from Ari to pin Isom.

Lexy Nair interviewed Prince Nana with breaking news. The prince purchased Tully Blanchard Enterprises. (Full details here.)

Brian Cage & Gates of Agony defeated Alex Zayne, Tony Deppen, & Blake Christian. Prince Nana was ringside to support his new acquisition. Menacing power versus electric high-flyers. Power reigned supreme in the end. Kaun took out Zayne with an Air Raid Crash, and Toa Liona dumped Christian on a Samoan drop. Deppen fired up then turned around into a powerbomb from Cage. Kaun added a gutbuster. Cage and Liona executed a teamwork gutwrench flapjack with a single-leg dropkick. Cage did the dropkick and also picked up the winning pin on Deppen.

Willow Nightingale defeated Allysin Kay. Willow found her groove to rally with a big kick, running shoulder block, cannonball in the corner, and gutwrench powerbomb to win.


ROH World Championship: Claudio Castagnoli won the title from Jonathan Gresham. Prince Nana was ringside to support Gresham. William Regal joined commentary. Claudio started strong in the opener with a big swing early. Gresham focused on attacking the knee, while Claudio’s strategy was weakening the lower back. Claudio survived Gresham’s flurry to explode for a discus lariat. That led to vicious rapid-fire hammering elbows and a Ricola Bomb for victory to crown a new champion. (Full details here.)

ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Championship: Dalton Castle & The Boys won the titles from Vincent, Bateman, & Dutch. Vita VonStarr was ringside for the Righteous. Hectic trios pace all throughout. Castle showed why he is the king peacock by dominating in the end. He took out Vincent with a swinging headscissors on the floor, he took out Dutch with a German suplex, and he took out Bateman with a Bang-A-Rang spinning facebuster to win.

ROH Pure Championship: Wheeler Yuta retained against Daniel Garcia. William Regal returned for commentary in young Yuta’s match. Pure rules in effect. Josh Woods, John Walters, and Ace Steel were the judges in case of a time-limit draw. Rugged battle that erupted into a hockey fight ten minutes in. Both men exchanged sequences of hammering elbows and sleeper holds. Crossface from Yuta countered into a Sharpshooter from Garcia. Garcia leaned too far back to crank the submission, and Yuta snatched his neck for a choke. Garcia regrouped to apply the Regal stretch. Yuta was able to escape.

Garcia was the first to use a rope-break to escape a Liontamer at 14:25. Garcia rallied with a piledriver. As he set up to stomp Yuta’s head in, Yuta spit up in his face. That tactic bought just enough time for Yuta to counter for a mouse trap pin to win at 15:56.

Battle of Brothers: Rush defeated Dragon Lee. Jose (Andrade’s assistant) accompanied Rush, but he also gave a fist-pound to Lee. Rush did his typical taunts to get the crowd against him. Lee’s flashy offense made him the fan favorite for this contest. Lee had the first big pop with a suicide dive onto Rush crashing onto the timekeeper table. The brothers threw blows in the center of the ring. On the apron, Lee charged forward, but Rush caught him for a release belly-to-belly suplex down to the floor. Rush rolled Lee into the ring, then Lee leaped over the ropes for a hurricanrana off the apron down to the floor. Both brothers barely beat the count to resume fighting.

Rush caught Lee for a release belly-to-belly suplex in the corner and followed for his Bull’s Horns running dropkick finisher. 1, 2, Lee kicked out. Nobody kicks out of the Bull’s Horns. Lee rallied for a tree of woe flying stomp. Rush kicked out at 1. Powerbomb by Lee. Rush kicked out at 2. Lee connected on his running knee finisher. 1, 2, Rush kicked out. Lee lifted Rush up, but Rush collapsed down to the mat. That turned out to be a trick. When Lee stopped to check on his brother, Rush cracked him with strikes back into the corner. Rush followed for the Bull’s Horns to win.

ROH Women’s World Championship: Mercedes Martinez retained against Serena Deeb. Slobberknocker with technical style. Martinez executed a spider German suplex off the turnbuckles. As she plotted for a running elbow, Deeb collapsed to the mat. Martinez switched gears for a surfboard dragon sleeper. Deeb bit Martinez’s arm to break free. Deeb rallied for a neckbreaker, DDT, and Serenity Lock submission. Martinez rolled it over to escape. Martinez regained control for a crucifix OG Drop. Deeb kicked out on the cover. Martinez pounced for the surfboard dragon sleeper. Deeb tapped out in defeat. Respect was shown from both competitors after the bout.

ROH World Television Championship: Samoa Joe retained against Jay Lethal. Lethal sent Sonjay Dutt and Satnam Singh to the back during his entrance. A brawl erupted as soon as Joe came out. Lethal was in control with three consecutive suicide dives. Joe powered through to smash Lethal. When Joe cleared off the timekeeper table with bad intent, Singh was there for the save. Lethal placed a chair on Joe’s shoulder to ram into the ring post. The referee ejected Singh, and the match was officially underway with Lethal and Joe finally in the ring.

Down the stretch, Lethal connected on the Lethal Injection springboard cutter. 1, 2, Joe kicked out. Lethal followed up with a dropkick in the corner, then he ran right into a uranage from Joe. As Joe set up a musclebuster, Dutt hopped onto the apron as a distraction. That allowed Lethal to blast Joe with the TV title belt. Lethal made the cover. 1, 2, Joe kicked out, and the crowd erupted with cheers. Lethal went for the Lethal Injection again, but Joe caught him for a sleeper. Lethal dropped down for a jawbreaker. Roll-up by Lethal. Joe popped Lethal into position for a rear naked choke. Lethal tapped out.

It was announced that Rush will challenge Jon Moxley for the AEW Interim World Championship on Dynamite. Also, Bryan Danielson will have his return match against Daniel Garcia.

ROH World Tag Team Championship: FTR retained against Briscoes in 2-out-of-3 falls. The main event had an unofficial time in the 50-minute range of duration. Fall 1 went to the Briscoes. Jay Briscoe slingshot Dax Harwood into the turnbuckles hitting his head on the ring post. A Doomsday Device earned the pin. Fall 2 went to FTR via Big Rig. Fall 3 continued with brawling, a ref bump, and a table spot. Harwood accidentally punched the referee. Jay hit a Jay Driller, but the ref was out cold. FTR countered a flying crossbody for a Big Rig. The referee was finally revived, but Jay kicked out. The Briscoes had momentum for a flying teamwork maneuver, however, Cash Wheeler sprang up for a super back suplex to Mark Briscoe through a table. Jay and Dax dueled on the turnbuckles. Dax hit a super piledriver and made the cover out of instinct for victory. (Full details here.)

Afterward, Claudio Castagnoli and Wheeler Yuta were on stage as a tease for FTR’s next challengers. Show over.

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