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Nick Aldis pulled from NWA 74 main event in curious circumstances

Something fishy is afloat in the National Wrestling Alliance, and it involves Nick Aldis.

Aldis rightfully earned the #1 contender spot to compete against Trevor Murdoch for the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship at NWA 74 Night 1 on August 27.

Aldis had a feeling that forces were out to get him.

It turned out that Aldis was right. Billy Corgan officially stripped him of the title opportunity. Corgan broke the news on Busted Open, courtesy of F4WOnline’s transcription.

Billy Corgan: In the case of Nick Aldis, yes, your #1 contender for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship against Trevor Murdoch in St. Louis, I’ve dealt with this man for over four years, and for every ounce of politicking you see publicly there’s about ten times worse behind the scenes.

No one stresses me out more in the NWA than Nick Aldis, no one is more highly paid than Nick Aldis and no one is more unhappy than Nick Aldis.

Corgan continued.

Corgan: He is stripped of the #1 contendership, he will not be in the main event of NWA 74.

Listen, why this stuff has to play out in public I don’t know but I’m just sick of it.

Aldis couldn’t help but laugh at his current predicament.

Aldis’ victory in the #1 contender final seems to be fairly clean by all accounts, but I have yet to get eyes on the show myself. The latest episode of NWA Powerrr will be released for free viewing on YouTube on Friday (here).

In my opinion, Aldis doesn’t seem to have done anything egregious enough to be punished by Corgan. Matt Cardona publicly trashed the company and its leadership much worse before winning the Ten Pounds of Gold, and he suffered no consequences until being forced to vacate due to injury.

Being that NWA 74 is over a month away, the timing is odd. My first reaction to this news was to consider if Aldis was injured. That does not appear to be the case. The National Treasure is heading to Germany this weekend to compete in the ring. No doubt the rumor mills will fly regarding this story.

With Aldis pulled from the title fight, that opens opportunity for another man to step in. Enter the current NWA TV champ into the mix. Tyrus was awarded the worlds title shot against Murdoch for Night 2 of NWA 74 on August 28.

Tyrus is a solid replacement in a pinch for Aldis. He has been a dominant TV champion, it provides a fresh challenge for Murdoch, and HOSS FIGHT!

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