Tag Team Weekly Roundup and Power Ratings: On Ciampa playing second banana to The Miz

The man then known as Tommaso Ciampa was one of the biggest stars in the history of NXT. Whether as a gutsy and slightly unhinged babyface or as a detested heel who once (brilliantly) came out to no theme music just a chorus of boos, it was clear the guy could live up to his nickname of Tommy Entertainment.

But given his size and age, many rightfully wondered what chance he would have on the main roster. So when he spent a lot of time in catering or doing not much of meaning, that concern seemed valid.

Then he started attacking people with issues with The Miz, which slowly evolved into a confirmed partnership with the A-Lister. Along the way, he had matches with the likes of AJ Styles and Mustafa Ali that could have been much better but were given no time. When he and Miz teamed up officially for the first time this week, we got a non-finish where Ciampa refused to stop pounding AJ when not the legal man.

On the one hand, The Miz is somebody WWE clearly trusts, values and always gives TV time. Miz is a guy who can lose one week but good enough at his job that the next week you want to see somebody shut him up again. Ciampa will get plenty of time in front of the camera and maybe in the ring, and maybe even tag with Miz in a bout against Logan Paul and Styles, which would at least attract a lot of mainstream interest.

But even the presentation on Monday, of Ciampa as Miz's guest on MizTV, felt lacking. Ciampa is great on the mic but didn't get to do a lot other than play a kind of generic attention-wanting character. He's been allowed to show some smash mouth aggression in the ring, but a lot of his arsenal has stayed in the trunk.

But Ciampa has a lot of tag experience, so given a chance he can hopefully show what he's got. Ciampa-Miz, at this point, looks nowhere near as interesting as his partnership with Johnny Gargano in DIY (one of the most over acts ever in NXT) or his wonderfully brutal duo with Timothy Thatcher. We can only hope he and Miz get a chance to explore their dynamic better in the ring.

And outside the ring? At this point turning on The Miz after the team is established and at some point when the A-Lister treats him like garbage is the only real promising path. In the event WWE were to let Ciampa go over in that scenario, then maybe we'll see something anywhere near his NXT popularity.

The following Tag Team Power Rankings take into account wins, power and placement of segments, recentness of appearances, creative direction and momentum for teams and factions.

WWE Tag Team Power Rankings through July 15:

1. The Bloodline (last week: 1)

Pro: Still holding all the unified gold. The Usos keep main eventing SmackDown.
Con: Jimmy Uso took a loss to Angelo Dawkins, albeit thanks to another ref error.

2. Street Profits (3)

Pro: Dawkins defeated Jimmy Uso, albeit with a ref missing a shoulder up again. Will get another shot at tag gold at SummerSlam.
Con: Yet we also have Dawkins getting pinned by Omos. Whyyyyyy?

3. Toxic Attraction (4)

Pro: With Mandy turning back Roxanna Perez thanks to Cora Jade turning on Roxy, the Toxic trio keeps the big gold and may well get the tag titles back.
Con: If they do take the tag titles a third time, the hot potato game doesn't really help anybody.

4. The Creed Brothers/Diamond Mine (4)

Pro: The Creeds are still the NXT men's tag champs, and always fun in the ring. There's a possibility Ivy Nile might finally bring Tatum Paxley into the group.
Con: In his latest unwise move, Roderick Strong now wants to "teach a lesson" to stablemate Damon Kemp.

5. Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen (7)

Pro: The NXT UK champs are making the most of bringing the titles back to NXT Prime, and will defend against Pretty Deadly next week.
Con: Pretty Deadly really seems the more natural UK champs.

6. Judgment Day (not ranked)

Pro: They finally got back in the win column as Finn Balor beat Rey Mysterio on Raw. Maybe this can finally start an upward trend?
Con: At some point, you know Edge is lurking and plotting revenge.

7. Roxanna Perez and Cora Jade/Team 2001 (2)

Pro: Well, they are technically still NXT women's tag team champs.
Con: Which means they'll probably get one more "can they co-exist?" (no) match where they drop the titles.

8. Tony D'Angelo's Family (not ranked)

Pro: Tony and Stacks Lorenzo picked up a win and (for now at least) Cruz Del Toro and Joaquin Wilde look ready to beat on people for them.
Con: Highly unlikely Santos Escobar will be a happy family member.

9. New Day (not ranked)

Pro: Finally got one up on the New Vicious Viking Raiders, albeit with help from Jinder Mahal and Shanky.
Con: Probably putting over the Vikings soon, maybe at SummerSlam.

10. Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams (9)

Pro: The A Champ and Trick Willie are partying in style after their Great American Bash sweep.
Con: We saw the first hints that Melo wants all Williams' attention on him. And we know Wes Lee isn't done with them yet.

Best tag segment of the week: A rather weak week for tag team action, so probably Usos-Profits having another main event and getting Jeff Jerrett as a special SummerSlam referee gets the nod.

Grade: C-

The company is about to break up its only women's tag champs and so much of the rest of the week was uninspiring. Raw mainly went with makeshift teams and had Omos pin one of the Street Profits. NXT is doing more table setting at the moment.

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