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NWA Roundup: Nick Aldis’ plan works to advance in #1 contender for worlds title tournament, more!

Let’s check in on the National Wrestling Alliance.

Last week’s episode of NWA Powerrr (S9E4) featured the announcement of a #1 contender tournament for the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship. Billy Corgan revealed the matchups:

  • Pope vs. Brian Myers
  • Thom Latimer vs. Chris Adonis
  • Nick Aldis vs. Tim Storm
  • Mike Knox received a bye

Storm’s stipulation to never compete for the Ten Pounds of Gold was lifted at the request of current champ Trevor Murdoch. The tournament winner will have their shot at the NWA 74 PPV.

The latest episode of NWA Powerrr (S9E5) had all the first-round matchups play out.

Thom Latimer versus Chris Adonis opened the show. The Strictly Business mates started with a handshake. Down the stretch, Adonis hit a spinebuster. Latimer came right back for a spear. Adonis scored a counter back body drop. Latimer dropped low to prevent a Master Lock and landed a double upkick to the chin. Latimer seized the moment for a pop-up powerbomb to win.

Brian Myers versus Pope was was next on the list. Myers charged for the Roster Cut lariat. Pope countered for a superkick and DDT. Pope pummeled Myers in the corner with a flurry of strikes. When Pope backed away to fire up the crowd, Myers hooked him for a jackknife pin and grabbed the ropes to secure victory.

Nick Aldis versus Tim Storm was the main event of the evening. The familiar foes showed respect early until Aldis slapped Storm across the face. Aldis apologized, but it wasn’t long before Aldis slapped Storm again. Storm went on a run of offense. Aldis slapped him a third time. Storm angrily landed ground and pound punches almost hitting the referee in the process. Aldis rallied with a DDT, flying elbow drop to the spine, and cloverleaf submission. Storm reached the ropes for a break.

As Aldis ran the ropes, Storm countered for his Perfect Storm spinning sidewalk slam finisher. Aldis placed his foot on the ropes to break the pin count. Storm ran the ropes and accidentally collided with the referee. He managed to hit a second perfect Storm, but the ref was down. Aldis slapped Storm for the fourth time. Storm responded with a slap back and a kick to the crotch. The referee happened to see the low blow and called for a disqualification. Aldis was on the mat in pain and also smiling at his plan coming together as he was announced the victor.

NWA Powerrr

The #1 contender tournament semifinals are set with:

  • Mike Knox vs. Thom Latimer
  • Brian Myers vs. Nick Aldis

Other notable moments from the past two weeks of NWA Powerrr and NWA USA include:

  • The NWA held a #1 contender triple-threat contest for the World Television Championship. Odinson bested Judais and AJ Cazana. Judais aimed to finish Cazana on a chokeslam, but Odinson ran the ropes for a powerful shoulder block to knock Judais out of the ring. Odinson finished Cazana with an airplane spin slam to win. Odinson has now earned a future date to challenge Tyrus for the gold.
  • Aron Stevens explained that Rodney Mack helped him breaking in, so he repaid the favor to help Mack now. Stevens will be moving forward by giving back. There was also a weird vibe setting seeds of Stevens being dismissive about the love of May Valentine.
  • Homicide is a fighting champion and wants to defend the NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship against Kerry Morton at the NWA 74 event. Homicide also put the title on the line against VSK. The champ retained via back to back Koji cutters. The second was of the flying variety off the turnbuckles.
  • KiLynn King defeated Allysin Kay via pumphandle slam. King positioned herself on the inside track for another title shot against Kamille. Her goal is to knock off top contenders to leave no doubt in earning a rematch.

Share your thoughts on all the happenings from NWA Powerrr and NWA USA.

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