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ROH is ‘revamping’ their Honor Club service... whatever that means

Ring of Honor

Ring of Honor sent out a press release today (July 15) announcing details of their upcoming Death Before Dishonor PPV.

Up until now, that show would have been available to members of the company’s Honor Club service, either as part of their subscription or at a discounted rate. Next Saturday’s event will only stream on Bleacher Report — the PPV home of Tony Khan’s other wrestling company, AEW. So the press release includes a brief update for Honor Club subscribers:

Ring of Honor is also currently revamping its HonorClub program with enhanced elements and functionality. During this ongoing transformation, there will be a pause on accepting new memberships. Current memberships (as of July 16, 2022), will be extended at no additional cost until the refreshed HonorClub platform is launched in early fall 2022.

Fans will be able to subscribe to HonorClub for a monthly fee of $9.99. New HonorClub content will become available 60 days after the events happen live.

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Note that any refund requests by current members will be compensated with a $10 ShopHonor/ PWTees credit for every month remaining on the subscription. For questions or additional information, please email

The update is appreciated, but it doesn’t do much to incentivize fans to remain or become Honor Club members. Under Sinclair Broadcasting’s ownership, the service included discounted tickets and merchandise, access to the weekly ROH TV episodes, streaming house shows, PPV access, and more. As of now, the only thing that seems to be carrying over is access to the ROH archives.

Which is no small thing. It’s a big reason TK bought the company after all. But you’d have to really enjoy watching old matches to justify $9.99 per month given all the other entertainment options competing for your budget these days.

And it does sound like they plan to add more to the service. ROH may be keeping things vague for now while they sort out details of weekly television, touring, or maybe even AEW’s streaming rights.

Stay tuned. But not to Honor Club if you want to see Death Before Dishonor. That will cost you $39.99 on Bleacher Report.

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