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WWE NXT In Your House preview: Tear it down

NXT is back on their home turf, the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, for Sat., June 4’s In Your House. The Premium Live Event comes our way at 8pm ET, streaming on Peacock. There’s also a free pre-show that airs 30 minutes earlier on all WWE’s online outlets, including right here at Cageside Seats.

We’re getting five title matches on this six match card, which on paper sounds like an eventful affair.

You’ll find our predictions for In Your House here. Now let’s get you up to speed on the each match on Saturday night’s show, and our big question for each one.

Bron Breakker (c) vs. Joe Gacy for the NXT championship

In a nutshell

After Breakker beat Gacy clean to retain his title on the Spring Breakin’ episode, Joe’s minions surrounded the ring and took the champ out... literally. Cloaked figures carried Bron out of the PC on a stretcher. We later found out he was simply dumped by the side of a Florida road as part of a scheme to get the second generation Superstar to join Team Gacy.

Bron turned down the offer, so Joe switched tactics. Sensing that Breakker’s temper is his weakness, he’s been trying to get the champ to snap. That scheme included getting a stipulation added to this rematch so that if Bron snaps at In Your House, Gacy will win the title.

The big question

Gacy told Denise Salcedo we’re “probably gonna see something very, very different” in Gacy vs. Breakker II, which sounds promising but also a little like a threat. Seeing as this feud has already included kidnappings, stunt falls, druids, stretcher jobs, and mind games, it’s not clear what else can be done within the confines of a traditional wrestling match. Is Joe’s version of a Firefly Fun House match coming?

Mandy Rose (c) vs. Wendy Choo for the NXT Women’s title

In a nutshell

Back when she was friends with the since-released Dakota Kai, Wendy Choo started messing with NXT’s mean girls, Toxic Attraction — most notably by creating a distraction that allowed Kai & Raquel González (now Rodriguez) to win the Tag titles from Gigi Dolin & Jacy Jayne. That continued after Dolin & Jayne won the belts back, with Choo having befriended a newcomer who found herself in TA’s crosshairs, Roxanne Perez. Supersoaker attacks escalated to tanning bed pranks and even an attack with a weighted body pillow, so Mandy Rose agreed to put the division’s biggest prize on the line.

The big question

Can we take Choo seriously? I enjoy the performer and character a lot personally, but she has a 4-3 record overall and has only been in two singles matches under this gimmick. Doesn’t seem like a likely candidate to dethrone someone who’s been presented as a dominant champion like Rose.

Cameron Grimes (c) vs. Carmelo Hayes for the NXT North American championship

In a nutshell

Feeling cocky, Carmelo Hayes decided to defend the North American title at Stand & Deliver in a match his mentor Shawn Michaels made famous, and determined the first ever NA champ — a ladder match. Cameron Grimes claimed the belt there, fulfilling a long journey to... the... moon.

Wanted to be a fighting champion, Grimes quickly accepted a challenge from one of his ladder match opponents, Solo Sikoa. Hayes and his man Trick Williams cost Sikoa that match, which led to a Triple Threat. The North Carolinian won both of those, and granted Melo a one-on-one shot at reclaiming the belt for In Your House. He also promised Solo he’s got next.

The big question

Is there any chance this doesn’t steal the show? The North American title has become NXT’s workhorse title since Hayes unified it with the Cruiserweight strap, and that seems poised to continue for at least a little while with these four men involved.

Pretty Deadly (c) vs. The Creeds for the NXT Tag Team titles

In a nutshell

Even before they officially debuted on NXT Prime, former NXT UK Tag champs Pretty Deadly have had it in for the Creeds. They cost the Dusty Cup winners a title match with a parking lot attack, destroyed the Diamond Mine dojo, and blasted Julius & Brutus with steel chairs before introducing themselves as Kit Wilson & Elton Prince.

Then, after MSK was forced to vacate the NXT Tag titles after Nash Carter was released, The Creeds turned in a star-making performance in the Gauntlet match to crown new champs. Unfortunately, the last entrants were their nemeses Pretty Deadly. Since winning the straps, Wilson & Prince have been celebrating, while the Diamond Mine duo have been distracted by their stable’s internal strife.

The big question

How will Roderick Strong & Damon Kemp cost The Creeds the titles? The two sides of Diamond Mine haven’t been able to stay on the same page through the brothers’ mini-feud with Viking Raiders or Roddy & his new recruit’s attempt to knock Pretty Deadly down a peg. That’s going to be an issue tonight, the only question is whether it’s an inadvertent distraction or a full on betrayal.

Toxic Attraction (c) vs. Kayden Carter & Katana Chance for the NXT Women’s Tag Team championship

In a nutshell

Sick of being overlooked, Kayden Carter and the recently renamed Katana Chance took matters in their own hands. The party-loving friends attacked Jacy Jayne & Gigi Dolin while they were accompanying Mandy Rose to the ring, and that was enough to get a PLE contract for a title match.

The big question

Does the lack of build mean this will be another bridesmaids moment for the KCs? Despite being a team in NXT since 2019, Carter & Catanzaro Chance have never won the big one. You’d think reaching the promised land would come at the end of a more involved story, but they’ll take it either way.

Tony D’Angelo, Stacks & Two Dimes vs. Legado Del Fantasma

In a nutshell

Ever since Tony D’Angelo ended Tommaso Ciampa’s legendary run on the brand and declared himself Don of NXT, he’s had issues with Santos Escobar. The Legado leader’s outlast a lot of other factions at the Performance Center, and he doesn’t want a new one messing with his business (whatever that might be). That’s led to sitdowns, abductions, and even an actual wrestling match! That was won by Escobar, but not without a lot of interference and a pair of brass knuckles, so in an effort to settle things once and for all, we’re getting a trios match where the losers have to join the winners’ crew.

The big question

What’s the endgame here? Don’t get me wrong, I am enjoying this peak pro wrestling silliness to some extent. Just not sure what the payoff is, and would really like to see the very talented Escobar get a chance to do more under a brighter spotlight — here or on the main roster.

Join us in our live blog and we’ll see if we get any answers to our big questions - and how In Your House lives up to the NXT live special tradition.

What questions do you have? What match do you think will impress the most?

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