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Sting lists his Mount Rushmore of professional wrestling

hulk hogan sting halloween havoc 1999

The Mount Rushmore of professional wrestling is always an interesting topic, especially when legends provide their picks. The man called Sting listed his selections in a chat with The Schmo.

Sting’s Mount Rushmore consists of Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, The Rock, and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. The Icon didn’t provide reasons.

Those choices make sense from Sting’s perspective as the biggest stars during his era. Hogan and Flair were two of Sting’s top career rivals. Sting did the dance with Steve Austin in WCW, but he never tangoed with the Stone Cold persona. Sting versus The Rock is a bout that never occurred and will have to live on in the minds of fans as a literal dream match.

In other topics from the conversation, Sting decided to give AEW a chance for two reasons. One was the love of the game. The other was a phone call from Tony Khan offering the opportunity.

When asked who was hit hardest by Sting’s trusty baseball bat over the years, Stinger could only name the man who complained the most. That would be Scott Hall. Sting said that jokingly and sent out a message of love for The Bad Guy.

Do you agree with Sting’s list for the Mount Rushmore of professional wrestling? How do you think a feud between Sting and The Rock would have went down?

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