LM/WS WWE Hall of Fame Qualifier #1

LMS/W is headed to the WWE Hall of Fame. This will be the biggest and most star studded event to date. Only wrestlers will be included for this event; non-wrestlers may have their own event later. Wrestlers who moved to non wrestling roles later will be included. Ex Gorilla Monsoon and Lord Alfred Hayes. Wrestlers that were inducted as a tag team group will be listed as individuals. Wrestlers that have been inducted Twice will start at 12 points instead of 6. There will be 188 wrestlers randomly divided into 4 qualifying rounds of 47 wrestlers.

  • Updates
  • Lighting Rounds are now Battle Royals and rules have been updated
  • Daily limits have been removed
  • All Wrestlers now start at 6 points
  • Please read all Rules
  • All Wrestlers start at 6 points, when they reach or drop below 0 the are eliminated.
  • Each post you can add 3 points to one wrestler and minus 3 points from one wrestler.
  • You must wait until 3 people have posted before you may post again.
  • Battle Royals will take place for the top 40 and 20. Battle royals will take place outside of normal score and last for at least 8 hours.
  • Rules for Battle Royals
  • At the start of the battle royal all wrestlers will start with 0 points
  • You will have 3 points to split up between the wrestlers each time you post.
  • You will not minus points in the battle royal. You still must wait for three people to post before you re-post.
  • At the end of the battle royal the two wrestlers with lowest scores will be eliminated. We will then return to the pre-battle royal scores
  • The wrestler with the highest score at the end of the battle royal will have 6 points added to their existing score. If their is multiple wrestlers with the highest score one will be randomly selected.
  • If there is a tie
  • the wrestler(s) who have the highest regular score will be safe.
  • if there is still a tie all the tied wrestlers will enter a two hour Tie-breaker round
  • The Tie-breaker round will have the same rules as the battle royal
  • At the end of the Tie-breaker round all wrestlers with the lowest score will be eliminated.
  • Qualifying List will end when the Top 10 is reached
Bobo Brazil -6
Buddy Rogers -6
Chief Jay Strong Bow -6
Ernie Lad -6
Ivan Putski -6
"Baron" Mikel Scicluna -6
Johnny Rodz -6
Junkyard Dog -6
Iron Sheik -6
Bret Hart -12
Nick Bockwinkel -6
Afa -6
Sika -6
Ric Flair -12
Mae Young -6
Jack Brisco -6
Stone Cold Steve Austin -6
Kevin Von Erich -6
Mike Von Erich -6
"The Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBase -6
Antonio Inoki -6
Stu Hart -6
Jim Duggan -6
Road Warrior Animal -6
Mil Mascaras -6
Yokozuna -6
Jake "The Snake" Roberts -6
Razor Ramon -6
Alundra Blayze -6
Larry Zbyszko -6
Bushwhacker Luke -6
The Godfather -6
Jacqueline -6
Micheal P.S. Hayes -6
Lou Thez -6
"Sailor" Art Thomas -6
Martin "Farmer" Burns -6
June Byers -6
D-Von Dudley -6
Hiro Matsuda -6
Triple H -6
Road Dogg -6
Stevie Ray -6
Jim Neidhart -6
Professor Toru Tanka -6
Brie Bella -6
The Great Khali -6

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