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NWA Roundup: Nick Aldis a victim of his own success, Jax Dane National title defense, more!

Let’s check in on the National Wrestling Alliance.

The latest episode of NWA Powerrr (S9E2) featured Nick Aldis stealing the show, champions reveling in their own glory, and Tyrus in tag team action.

There weren’t many noteworthy items stemming from this show. If there is one segment to check out, it would be that of “The National Treasure” Nick Aldis. He dominated Brett Buffshay easily. The poor guy was given, “Ham and egger,” chants from the crowd. Aldis rubbed it in on a pin from a suplex. Buffshay was clearly out, but Aldis kept lifting Buffshay’s shoulder off the mat to mock a kick-out during the referee’s pin count. Buffshay managed to surprise Aldis with a roll-up, so Aldis finished his job with a powerbomb and cloverleaf submission.

Credit to Aldis for turning a routine squash into an amusing contest, even if he did showboat in the process. His promo was even more entertaining to ignite a spark for a world title feud with Trevor Murdoch.

After the match, Aldis had scathing words for new world champ Murdoch. Aldis viewed himself as a victim of his own success. He did everything right to build the NWA, and that made him a target. Aldis had a message for the stooges in the back trying to take his spot. There are guys who can wrestle, who can fight, and who can talk, but nobody can touch Aldis as the complete package. That’s a fact. As for Murdoch, if he ever feels like upgrading from paper champion to real world champ, Aldis is ready and waiting.

TV champ Tyrus opened the broadcast. He achieved his seventh title defense, so that means he has the right to challenge for the world title. However, Tyrus is content to continue carry his prestigious piece of gold and will forgo the Lucky 7 rule. Tyrus went on to compete in the main event to tag with Cyrus against the Ill Begotten. Tyrus and Cyon worked the leg of Alex Taylor. Hot tag to Jeremiah Plunkett for a DDT to Tyrus. Cyon stormed in for a rolling DVD to win.

Women’s champ Kamille respected KiLynn King as her hardest challenger to date. King plans to work her way to another title shot to end Kamille’s reign. Homicide has bigger plans than trifling with an angry Luke Hawx. The junior heavyweight champion will fight anytime, anywhere to defend his beautiful belt. National champ Jax Dane believes he is the most dominant champion in the NWA. Eric Jackson came out to test that theory, so Dane beat him up.

The latest episode of NWA USA featured Jax Dane defending the NWA National Heavyweight Championship.

Dane backed up his Powerrr promo about being a dominant champion by dominating Eric Jackson. The challenger showed heart, but he was no match for Dane’s crushing clotheslines en route to victory.

In other action, Luke Hawx defeated Thrillbilly Silas with valet Pollo del Mar. Hawx entered as a ball of anger, but it was no easy task putting down the larger opponent. Hawx capitalized at the right time for victory. When Silas was in control, he stopped for a kiss from Pollo on the apron. Silas then turned around into a spinning heel kick from Hawx for the 1, 2, 3.

Interviewer May Valentine stirred the pot trying to cause dissension within Idolmania Sports Management. BLK Jeez is a junior executive, but he has no boss. Austin Idol viewed himself as the boss. Jeez felt it was all a team effort that produced their success. Despite disagreeing about the boss issue, Idol and Jeez could agree on that.

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