I'm bored lets book smackdown this week (again)

This was fun last week so I'm doing it again this week yeah cool ight let's go

Show kicks off and Brock Lesnar comes out to address what happened last week. He talks about his career for a bit and then says that he would like to talk some numbers. 8. That is the number of times that he and Roman Reigns have faced off in this ring. He has come out on top 3 of those times. And this year, he will main event his 8th SummerSlam. He has had a long & storied career, but his biggest rival has been Roman. And if he can't beat Roman once and for all, maybe the past 20 years haven't meant a thing. He can't be the greatest of all time, if someone's gonna replace him eventually. Because he's irreplaceable. He's Brrrrrrooock Lesnar, and it doesn't matter if you're a 16 time world champ, the great one, or the head of the table, he is the beast, and he will destroy you. He's done it all. And if he can't beat Roman Reigns once and for all, none of it will mean a thing. Because if he can't beat Roman Reigns at SummerSlam, he will never be in the Hall Of Fame. But 20 years on, from his first main event of SummerSlam, 20 years on, from his first WWE Title, he will be the last man standing. He will be the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion. He will cement his place in the Hall Of Fame. And as God as his witness, Roman Reigns is screwed.

----------cut to backstage-----------------

Paul Heyman, The Usos, and Sami Zayn are watching the monitor. Paul has the biggest look of dread on his face. The Usos and Sami try to comfort Paul and saying that there's no way that The Bloodline is gonna let Brock get to them. Paul tells them to shut the hell up. He has known Brock for 20 years, and he has never seen him like this. They need to be on their game until SummerSlam. And it's clear right now, that none of them are. Sami nearly cost Roman the title, and The Usos can't seem to beat the Street Profits. Next week, The Tribal Chief wants answers from all of them. So he suggests that tonight they at least try to get back in his good graces, or else. The Usos tell Paul that they got it, and Sami says he's about to go out and beat Nakamura, qualify for MITB, and win the briefcase for The Bloodline. Paul says "As God as my witness, I hope you are right."

-------match time yay-------------------

Sami Zayn vs. Shinsuke Nakamura (MITB Qualifier)
Sami and Shinsuke do what they do which is good wrestling for 15 minutes. Sami finds a way to cheat and get the win and he qualifies for MITB. And he celebrates like he just found the fountain of youth.

--------commercial break hopefully the black phone ads stop after friday bc i have seen plenty of them ty very much-------

Jinder Mahal & Shanky vs. Los Latharios
For about like 5 minutes the match is just Jinder getting the Maharaja beat out of him until he's able to tag in Shanky. Shanky goes on a tear for a little and then starts getting his groove on and such. Jinder is like what the hell are you doing which gets Shanky's attention but Shanky keeps vibing. Jinder is losing it so much that he's boutta get 500 new veins until by complete accident through vibing, Shanky backhands Humberto and knocks that boy out cold. Shanky is like "huh" and covers him for the win. Jinder & Shanky celebrate and Shanky starts vibing. Jinder is like "hey bro we don't need to do that all the time" but Shanky just keeps going. Jinder doesn't join in but he just lets Shanky have it this time.

----- recap or something idk this is dead space between matches-------------

Shotzi v. Aliyah (MITB Qualifier)
They do their thing for about 8 minutes and Shotzi gets the win. Shotzi then grabs a mic and says that for too long she's been overlooked. She is better than any other woman in that locker room and she deserves a title shot. She says that she's done waiting for her turn. That MITB contract is her turn. And nothing will stop her from taking it.

-------commercial break fr tho pumped that the new doctor strange is on disney plus now-----------

Ronda Rousey walks out to the ring and calls out Natalya. Natalyacomes out flanked by Shayna. Ronda says that she wants to clear the air. She asks Natalya what happened. They were the best of friends. She trained her. She doesn't have a career in wrestling without Nattie. She just wants to know why she's been doing what she's been doing. Natalya says that yeah, she did give Ronda that. She could've let Ronda sink but she decided to help her. But then there was never a thank you. Ronda just went and became a star without giving back to the people who gave her all the tools. So now Ronda will give something back. She's either going to give back the Smackdown Womens Title, or Natalya is going to injure her, and she is going to give back her future. This whole time Shayna has just been in the corner with a conflicted look on her face. Ronda tries to appeal to Shayna but Natalya attacks her. Natalya locks in the Sharpshooter as Shayna just watches. Natalya stands tall and holds up the title then leaves. Shayna doesn't leave with Natalya. Shayna just stays in the ring looking at Ronda, not knowing how to feel. Natalya comes back and tells her that Ronda left her behind too. If they stack together they can finally get their justice. Shayna chooses to leave with Natalya, but she still looks like she doesn't know where to go. (I know I pushed for this idea last week but like it's the best option to make this feud interesting.)

-------the raiders package bc they are finally coming to smackdown this week-------------------

The Viking Raiders vs. Local Talent
The Raiders wreck shop and get the win. But after the match The Usos come out of nowhere and attack them. The Usos lay them out and stand tall over them hoping that maybe Roman isn't still big dog mad at them.

-------commercial break------------------

Back from break and the ring is ready for the reveal of the first clients of Maximum Male Models. The lighting is indeed correct this week and everything is set. But no one comes out. Cut to backstage and we're in AP's office and Max Dupri is so up in his space that he's about to breathe in Pearce's nose snot. Pearce asks him what's the issue since the lights were fixed this week. Dupri says "Are you kidding? Are you seriously going to expect me to reveal the Maximum Male Models under these conditions backstage? Everything out there is just about perfect out there. But you see, my models need to look as pristine and as sharp as ever. And did you even check the catering? My models need the most perfect vegan, gluten-free, hydromorphic, chemically sound, technically kneaded meals that are 80 to 90% water and nothing more, nothing less. Did you expect me to send out my models looking bloated and ugly like the people in the crowd? I want this issue fixed and then next week, I will for sure reveal, the Maximum Male Models." Dupri leaves and AP asks a production member if he got all that as we go to commentary.

----fade to the commentary desk---------

Cole and Pat are running down the card for next week and MITB until from out of nowhere, Happy Corbin attacks Pat. Corbin relentlessly his Pat with chairs and at the end he puts Pat through the announce table. Corbin leaves laughing at Pat as Pat gets checked on by the medical staff.

------dear god pat's dead cut to a video package or something oh main event time bet------------

Drew McIntyre & The New Day vs. The Brawling Brutes - Street Fight
This match is just gonna be pretty simple and fun. They do a bunch of fun weapon spots for about 15 minutes, and Drew hits the Claymore on Sheamus for the win. The Drew Day build momentum towards MITB, and they stand tall to send everyone home happy.

Yeah this was fun again tell me what you think and if you got any other ideas for this week ight cool luvyabye.

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