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Taya Valkyrie teases new group with Lucha Bros and calls out Thunder Rosa

Taya Valkyrie was not booked for a match on the AAA Triplemania XXX Chapter 2 card, but she made major waves anyway by teasing a new group with the Lucha Bros and calling out AEW women’s world champion Thunder Rosa for a fight.

Taya was invited to cut a promo in the ring. She put over the AAA fans as always being in her heart even when she was away wrestling in other promotions. In her absence, Deonna Purrazzo disrespected lucha libre and the Mexican culture. Taya decided to step up and take back the AAA Reina de Reinas Championship from Purrazzo. Taya won that title for the fourth-time at Impact’s Rebellion PPV back in April.

Taya’s second order of business was informing the fans that she has special plans for a new group with the Lucha Bros. Taya was mum on the details. She said we’ll have to wait on that, but it will be worth it. Taya has deep ties with Fenix and Pentagon dating back to her time breaking into the business with Los Perros del Mal.

Third on the list was Taya offering a title shot to the winner of the women’s Ruleta de la Muerte, which turned out to be Flammer. That will be settled on a later date.

The best part was the final message. Taya surprised the world by calling out La Mera Mera. Taya challenged Thunder Rosa to put her money where her mouth is. Thunder claims to be the best wrestler in Mexico, so come to AAA and prove it against Taya.

Taya’s challenge did not fall on deaf ears. Thunder Rosa was watching on TV. Excitement overtook her, and she accepted.

Taya versus Thunder Rosa in AAA? Give me a hell yeah. Who’s with me?

Check out the full results here for Triplemania XXX Chapter 2.

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