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Taya Valkyrie wins MLW’s inaugural women’s championship

La era de la Wera is taking over MLW. Taya Valkyrie came, she saw, and she conquered in her return by winning MLW’s inaugural women’s championship. Viva La Wera Loca!

Come for Taya’s title win over Holidead in episode 149 of MLW Fusion, and stay for Hustle & Power defending the tag belts against the Von Erichs and 5150, the Samoan Swat Team’s hijinks in Cesar Duran’s office, and Gangrel in action.

The show opened with Jacob Fatu and Juicy Finau ransacking Cesar Duran’s office to sip Hennessy out of a golden chalice, sing a song, grab some cash, and confiscate precious artifacts.

That provides context for the next scene. Duran made a phone call requesting punishment be doled out to the Samoan Swat Team. Enter Taya! She addressed Duran as Dario, but he quickly corrected her. Taya’s sights are set on the MLW Women’s Featherweight Championship.

Taya and Holidead clashed in the main event. Holidead was backed by Grangrel and Dr. Dax. Taya entered in style wearing a luxurious robe and the AAA Reina de Reinas Championship around her waist. Ring announcer Tim Barr provided the big-fight feel with introductions.

Wrist locks, Irish whips, and hip tosses to start. Taya scored the first major impact with a sliding German suplex.

The story was Holidead controlling the fight on the outside, and Taya rallying inside the ring. Holidead roughed up Taya with guillotine leg drops and an Angels Wings on the floor.

Taya regrouped for a running crossbody, a single-leg dropkick, a running hip attack in the corner, and a running double knees strike. Taya went for the Road to Valhalla finisher, but Holidead escaped to counter with a spinebuster.

Arez ran out to lend a helping hand, but Taya shoved Holidead into him. Arez fell off the apron onto Gangrel and Dax. With the Strange Sangre brood knocked down, Taya had a clear path to victory. She tied Holidead up for an stepover toehold curb stomp then followed with an STF submission. Holidead tapped out, and Taya was awarded the victory to become the first-ever MLW featherweight champion.

MLW didn’t waste any time setting up Taya in the merch store.

For the tag team title bout, Calvin Tankman & EJ Nduka retained against the Von Erichs and Danny “Limelight” Rivera & Hernandez. The pace was a chaotic brawl all round the ringside area. Down the stretch, the Von Erichs executed an Iron Claw slam on Hernandez off the apron through a table.

In the ring, Hustle & Power took control to pin Rivera on a teamwork spike Tankman driver to win. Afterward, Los Maximos attacked the champs. The MLW OGs were guests on Spanish commentary then seized the opportunity to get in the mix.

In other happenings during the show, Gangrel defeated Budd Heavy via Impaler DDT.

Davey Richards invited Myron Reed to join Team Ambition. The middleweight champ accepted. Reed will defend the strap next week against KC Navarro and Arez.

Mads Krugger versus Jacob Fatu in a Weapons of Mass Destruction match was announced for next week. War made Krugger a living, breathing weapon. His mercenary mission won’t end until the target is eliminated. Krugger will hunt Fatu all the days of his life.

Tick tock for Killer Kross and Scarlett Bordeaux.

NZO was up to mischief when he was alerted that Fatu scratched his truck.

Richard Holliday was in Beverly Hills closing deals for rarefied cologne. He is confident in becoming the next MLW world champion.

Share your thoughts on the latest episode of MLW Fusion. Do you think Taya is the right pick as champion to carry the MLW women’s division?

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