im bored lets book smackdown this week

yeah you've seen the title and that's what's up if you don't know what happened last week look at the recap ight cool let's go

Show kicks off with Sami Zayn coming out to the ring and he grabs a mic and begins to talk about how it's a whole conspiracy that he lost last week and how that decision needs to be reversed right now and he keeps going on like this for a little while until Roman Reigns and the whole bloodline come out. Sami apologizes profusely saying that he's going to do what he can to make it right until Roman stops him. Roman says "We allowed you in the family. We took you in, and you failed us. You betrayed The Bloodline. You know what we have to do now." Sami tries to stop them but all them just absolutely destroy him with chairs, superkicks, spears, kendo sticks, put him through the announce table, (it's like that scene from Princess & The Frog when Facilier gets dragged to hell by the voodoo spirits) and at the end Roman chokes him out with the guillotine. Sami is stretchered out and Roman says by the end of the night, Riddle will acknowledge him.

-----------commmercial break prolly a little caesar's ad idk (RIP Pizza Hut)-----------------------

Back from break and Adam Pearce is overseeing Sami getting loaded into a ambulance and once he sends it off he notices something out of the corner of his eye. He goes to check it out and it's Sonya Deville sitting on a production crate looking sad and above all, lost. Pearce is like "Hey Sonya, it's been a minute, how you been?" Sonya says "I knew who I was when I put that suit on. And now, I don't have the suit on." Pearce kinda pauses but then says, "Well, it's a good thing I do. You're a competitor. Which is why tonight I'm giving you a MITB qualifier match. And it's coming up in a little bit, so I'd suggest you'd start getting ready." Pearce pats her on the back and walks away and Sonya smiles.

--------match time bois n girls yay----------------------

Drew McIntyre vs. Sheamus - No Holds Barred (MITB Qualifier)
Pearce says that since this match didn't have a finish last week, they're running it back and to make sure there is a winner this match is gonna be No Holds Barred. Match begins and obviously Ridge & BUTCH help Sheamus overwhelm Drew until New Day come out and run the brawling bois off so it's one-on-one. And then the match goes full speed ahead and Drew & Sheamus do what they do with a bunch of weapon spots and it's a fun time. And then towards the end of the match they brawl out into the crowd until they're on a ledge above some production equipment. They continue tryna hit each other until they change eye color until they end up throwing themselves off the ledge, onto the production equipment, good god almighty. Sparks fly, and the ref is like "yeah no screw this" and the match is thrown out. Refs and doctors come out to make sure that both men haven't stopped dead once.

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Back from break and Pearce is overseeing Drew & Sheamus getting loaded into ambulances with a "oh hell nah we boutta run out of these" look on his face when all of a sudden he gets tapped on the shoulder by Paul Heyman. Heyman tells him that MITB is coming up soon and it looks like he's been focusing on this Drew & Sheamus feud when he hasn't realized that there's a whole roster of people who would give their right arm, for a opportunity at that MITB contract. People like Xavier Woods, Ricochet, "Main Event" Jey Uso. Pearce stops him and says he knows what he's getting at so how about this, next week, Ricochet vs. Jey Uso in a MITB Qualifier. Paul says "pleasure doing business with you sir." and walks off. Pearce then tells a production member to order more ambulances as we go to the ring.

--------match time lets go-----------------

Sonya Deville vs. ??? (MITB Qualifier)
Sonya comes out and is all hyped up in the ring waiting and her opponent is revealed to be, Raquel Rodriguez. Sonya gets a "oh no" look on her face. Yeah so this is bout a half squash match. Sonya gets a little offense in but it's mostly Raquel tryna throw her into the sun. Raquel wins with the Chigona Bomb (if its still called that i forget) and Sonya walks off like "the hell do I do now?"

----------moss v. corbs gets a video package sure why not---------------

Madcap Moss vs. Happy Corbin - Last Laugh Match (MITB Qualifier)
So right this match sounds dumb and probably is so uh here's my pitch. There's a microphone on a pole and the first to grab the mic and laugh into it wins. Yeah that's the best I got but like what do you want from this. Before the match Pearce walks out and makes it a MITB Qualifer. Match begins and it's pretty much like their other matches cause I don't feel like putting much effort into this part. Moss wins by laughing into the mic and qualifies for MITB. Yeah that's what I got.

--------commercial break (you want fries with that?)----------------------

Max Dupri walks out and does his schitck which he's good at it and get's ready to introduce his client. "And the first client of Maximum Male Models is..." Music hits and out walks Drew Gulak. Gulak has just the biggest smile on his face as he heads to the ring. Max has a "tf?" look on his face. Gulak gets in the ring and grabs a mic and talks about how he's so excited to take the world by storm as the first client of M.M.M.. Dupri is like "you're not my client DUMMY. THIS, this is my client." Out walks the former MACE, now known as, De'Andre Maddin. Maddin gets in the ring and kicks the shiznit outta Gulak. Dupri & Maddin stand tall, the mmm is here.

--------recap of ronda v. nattie feud------------------

Shayna Baszler v. Aliyah (MITB Qualifier)
Match is pretty standard stuff for about like 8 minutes. Baszler wins with the Kirafuda Clutch. After match while Baszler is in the ring out comes Ronda Rousey. Rousey grabs a mic and says "I know you don't really wanna hear from me right now but I wanna talk. Me and Nattie had a falling out and it's clear she's still salty about that. But, we never had anything like that. I know we haven't talked in a minute, but I still remember the good times. I know you and Nattie are friends, but I miss my best friend. I just want you to consider what's happening right now. And if there's a chance, I want my bestie back." Shayna then just walks off feeling conflicted, leaving Ronda in the ring.

-----cut to backstage---------

Sonya Deville is walking backstage still looking kinda sad when she comes across Drew Gulak. He's sitting on a production crate also looking kinda sad cause he's kinda blown all these new jobs recently. Gulak looks at her and says "you too?" Sonya nods and sits next to him. They talk to each other about their failures they've had for a little bit until Adam Pearce sees and walks up to them. Pearce says "Uh, it's clear that you both have not had the best of luck recently. But how about next week, I have a opportunity for both of you. And I'm sure you both will make the most of it." Pearce walks off, Gulak looks hopeful, but Sonya looks angry. Sonya says to Gulak, "you aren't buying that are you?" Gulak says it could be something, but Sonya tells him that he's screwed with her, and him for weeks now. Why is this gonna be different? Sonya says "Look, if it's legit we roll with it. If it isn't then we're taking what belongs to us." Gulak nods in agreement.

--------commercial break cause ITS TIME, FOR THE MAINNNNNNN EVENT----------

Roman Reigns v. Riddle - Undisputed WWE Universal Championship
Yeah so this match gonna be fun. At first it's one on one, and Reigns is just dismissive of Riddle like he does. But as the match progresses Riddle gets momentum and Reigns realizes, "aw shoot I'm in big deep doo doo" and he calls for The Usos. Usos try to interfere but Riddle is able to fight them off. Riddle hits the RKO but Reigns is just able to kick out. Riddle immediately locks in the Bromission and Reigns realizes he's got nowhere to go. But, just before he can tap, The Usos cause the DQ. Yes I know but this is to show that Riddle is world champion material so shooooosh. Also this is Smackdown. The Bloodline beats him down with the like. But before they can injure him, RANDY ORTON MAKES THE SAVE. He comes in and RKOs literally everyone, even Paul. Randy & Riddle stand tall & triumphant, The Bloodline is in big deep doo doo.

Yeah that was fun have a bless day luvyabye.

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