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NWA Alwayz Ready recap & reaction: 3 title changes, but Homicide stole the show

The NWA’s Alwayz Ready PPV created news with three title changes, but it was Homicide who stole the show.

Starting at the top prize, the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship now belongs to Trevor Murdoch. Matt Cardona was injured and unable to compete, so he had to relinquish the belt. He delivered a lengthy promo explaining the situation. Cardona did a good job of keeping suspense high so the moment didn’t feel like it dragged on.

Nick Aldis, Murdoch, Thom Latimer, and Sam Shaw all threw their hat in the ring for an impromptu four-way title fight. Latimer took that round of promo chatter with his intense conviction to prove he is a main-eventer. Shaw made his NWA return earlier in the evening without saying a word. When the topic of the worlds title was broached, he finally spoke to say he wants in on the match.

The four-way action was non-stop. Whenever one man had a winning advantage, a free wrestler ran in to break the pinfall or submission. All four were equally shining, so it was anyone’s game down the stretch. Aldis cleared the ring by dumping Latimer and Shaw onto the concrete floor. In doing so, Aldis took his eyes off Murdoch. That was the determining factor in the end. Murdoch jumped in for a flying bulldog to an unsuspecting Aldis for victory.

Some may see Murdoch’s name and associate him with his mid-card status in the WWE. They might even snicker at the idea of him being top dog, but you have to watch the NWA product to appreciate his appeal. He fits well in the NWA atmosphere and genuinely feels like a prime player. Murdoch represents a man that doesn’t look the part of a world champ, but he kept chugging and never quit on his dream. That message resonates with the fanbase.

There are new men’s tag team champions in the house. The Commonwealth Connection of Doug Williams & Harry Smith triumphed over La Rebelion duo of Bestia 666 & Mecha Wolf to win the NWA World Tag Team Championship.

The Commonwealth Connection beat La Rebelion in the Crockett Cup tag team tournament, and they proved it wasn’t a fluke. Williams and Smith were crushing the luchadores with power offense. La Rebelion created a window of opportunity for a doomsday backstabber on Williams and a BTE Trigger on Smith. Bestia kept on the pressure with a musclebuster on Williams followed by a 450 splash from Mecha Wolf. That seemed like the end, but Williams surprisingly kicked out. As the match played on, all four men were down. The Commonwealth Connection recovered quicker and charged ahead for a superplex and diving headbutt combo for victory. La Rebelion’s reign ends at 286 days.

Williams and Smith should do the NWA proud as tag champs. They have fluid teamwork offense and know how to hammer home with power. They are also tough as nails. La Rebelion showed why they were worthy titleholders during the contest. They were roughed up but never lost confidence in their capability to win.

The NWA also has new women’s tag team champions. The Hex duo of Allysin Kay and Marti Belle came in on a strong run defending the NWA World Women’s Tag Team Championship around the world. They had previously defeated The Pretty Empowered at the Crockett Cup show in March, but the story was different this time in front of the hometown crowd for Ella Envy & Kenzie Paige in Knoxville, TN.

The Hex were in control early until Paige powerbombed Kay off the turnbuckles. The Hex regained momentum on a hot tag to Belle. Paige turned the tide in the end with a tricky tactic. She grabbed the title belt with bad intentions, so the referee intervened. As the official’s back was turned, Paige kicked Belle in the nether regions. Paige executed a swinging leg scissor to drive Belle’s head into the mat for victory. The Pretty Empowered are the new women’s tag champs. The Hex’s title reign ends at 287 days.

It’s a shame that The Hex lost. They are one of the top women’s tag teams in the sport. Kay and Belle have been friends for so long that it really shows in their chemistry executing teamwork attacks. Maybe this is a sign of things to come for The Hex to ply their trade in a different promotion. They would certainly look good with Knockouts gold around their waist in Impact.

Crowning new champions are always important moments, however, the most impressive performance of the evening came from Homicide. He successfully defended the NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship in two separate matches to steal the show.

First up was the scheduled bout against PJ Hawx. It was an entertaining technical match with suplexes and submissions. Homicide took care of business in the end with a cutter and Cop Killa to retain.

Immediately after, the Fixers ran in to pummel both men. That’s when Colby Corino picked his shot to cash in a title shot. They brawled around the venue with hatred. Back in the ring, Homicide hit the Cop Killa. Corino surprisingly kicked out.

Corino was loopy and dazed, but he managed to strike back with a superkick. The effects of the Cop Killa were still strong, so Homicide was able to regroup quickly for a clothesline and roll-up to win.

Homicide had two ten-minute matches back-to-back. He wrestled a technical style against Hawx and a brawling style against Corino. Both were equally as entertaining with good drama. Credit to Homicide for taking on young second-generation wrestlers and pushing them to the limit. Hawx and Corino will no doubt learn from these losses and improve for the future.

Kamille was the highest profile champion to retain. She kept the NWA World Women’s Championship in her clutches by defeating KiLynn King. It was a tough, physical contest. King stepped up to the plate in the biggest match of her career. Kamille usually has the size and strength advantage, but King was her equal throughout this contest. In the end, inexperience cost King. She was on a roll with an offensive flurry culminating with a frog splash. Kamille showed grit to kick out on the cover. Instead of piling on the pressure, King retreated to the corner to pump up the crowd. When King charged forward, Kamille was waiting with a spear to win.

This contest elevated both participants. Kamille demonstrated championship mettle against an opponent of equal stature. King opened eyes that she can handle the moment of big matches. Kamille’s road as champion won’t be getting any easier. Max The Impaler ran out looking for a fight. That will be a badass matchup once they clash for an official title bout.

Tyrus and Jax Dane competed in a hard-hitting contests to retain their titles. Both wins relied on injury stories. Tyrus defended the NWA World Television Championship against Mims. The challenger hurt his shoulder and suffered crippling damage on a shoulder block. Tyrus took advantage for a heart punch to win. Dane defended the NWA National Heavyweight Championship against Chris Adonis. Dane attacked the hand, so Adonis couldn’t secure the Master Lock submission. Dane won with a crushing clothesline. Tyrus and Dane had fun matches playing into their monster personas with dirty tactics while allowing their opponents to rally the crowd for close finishes. It also set the stage for fans to cheer down the line if Mims or Adonis can topple their nemesis.

In terms of results, the biggest shocker on the evening was Natalia Markova defeating Taya Valkyrie in Taya’s NWA debut. Taryn Terrell trifled in Taya’s affairs to cost her the win when she distracted the referee after Taya’s Road to Valhalla finisher. Markova took advantage for a spinning kick to win.

That was a questionable decision. Taya has a lot of cachet as the longest-reigning Impact Knockouts champion and the current AAA Reina de Reinas champion. She could have been built up for mega matches against Kamille or Mickie James. Instead, Markova was put over in a way that didn’t increase her stock. If anything, it put the onus of Taya collecting payback from Terrell, who is more of a manager these days than a wrestler.

In other action, Trevor Murdoch’s win over Aron Stevens was pretty straightforward in the opener. Murdoch strong-armed his opponent around the ring. Stevens had one flurry of offense that was stifled when Murdoch ducked a discus elbow. A flying bulldog sealed the deal for Murdoch in Stevens’ Swan Song. Stevens’ retirement promo felt real. Thom Latimer had his hands full against Cyon, but he got the job done with a powerbomb.

Grade: B+

NWA has a clear identity for their shows, and this PPV fit right in. There were a few surprising results to keep viewers on their toes. The biggest question mark was having a promo segment with Cardona relinquishing the worlds title as the main event. NWA made the best of an unfortunate situation to craft an engaging finish for the show by booking an impromptu four-way title fight. I think it achieved what Aldis desired, which was to send the fans home happy.

Share your opinion on Alwayz Ready. Who stole the show on the NWA PPV?

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