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Matt Cardona relinquished NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship, new champion crowned at Alwayz Ready

The big question heading into the NWA Alwayz Ready PPV was the status of Matt Cardona and the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship. Cardona suffered a bicep injury that required surgery. That meant he was not in fighting condition to defend the Ten Pounds of Gold. The main event segment solved that dilemma with Trevor Murdoch emerging as the new champion.

When it was Cardona’s time on the card, he walked to the ring with the championship belt on his shoulder and his arm in a sling. This was supposed to be the greatest night of his life by retaining the title on the PPV named after him. He earned that. Unfortunately, Cardona officially announced that he was unable to wrestle.

Cardona came to the NWA for two reasons. He wanted to win the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship, and he wanted to save the NWA. That’s exactly what he’s done. When he first won the Ten Pounds of Gold, it was shiny and beautiful. Now, the belt is still beautiful, but it has scratches, is missing a few jewels, and has blood splattered on it. That’s because Cardona took the title all over the world. He is proud to be NWA champ.

Cardona worked 19 years to be a world champion. He was supposed to defend against Aldis. It is no secret that they don’t like each other, but they are more alike than Aldis thinks. They both want the title, they both think they deserve the title, and they both need the title. It’s a shame that they won’t be able to find out who is the better man on this evening. Cardona will be out three to five months in recovery for his bicep injury.

Cardona then began speaking to the title belt itself. “I love you. I need you. I can’t let you go.” He wondered if he would have to give it up and let someone else hold it. Cardona flipped into heel mode to shout that he has those answers, because he calls the shots as champ. This is his show.

Billy Corgan entered the ring. He didn’t have a mic, but it appeared that he was asking Cardona to do what’s right for the NWA and hand over the championship. Cardona stalled with sadness on his face.

Cue the music for Nick Aldis. He had no compassion for Cardona. Aldis viewed him as a typical ex-WWE parasite cherry picking their spot to capitalize on the hard work of others. Aldis built up the NWA. In fact, he was also nursing an injury. His back was sore from carrying the company for five years. The NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship doesn’t belong to Cardona. It belongs to Ric Flair, Harley Race, Dusty Rhodes, and the people. It is a symbol of history.

Aldis stepped in to do what he always does. Close the show for the fans. Aldis issued an open challenge to anyone in the back for a match to send the crowd home happy.

Cue the music for Trevor Murdoch. He wanted to cash in his rematch clause for a title shot. Murdoch didn’t care if it was against Cardona or Aldis.

Cue the music for Kamille and Thom Latimer. Kamille stood up for her man demanding he have a spot in the match. Latimer was in Corgan’s face. He was going to prove to Corgan that he is a main event wrestler.

Cue the music for Sam Shaw (fka Dexter Lumis in NXT). Shaw finally spoke to say he’s in on the match too.

Corgan went back to Cardona. The champ kissed the title and handed it over.

The four-way between Aldis, Murdoch, Latimer, and Shaw was the new main event for the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship.

Ding, ding, ding. A brawl erupted and spilled into the crowd. Alliances formed and quickly disintegrated. Murdoch had the first big move with a flying crossbody to the outside onto the other three. Latimer had the first near pinfall from a spear to Aldis. 1, 2, Shaw pulled the referee out of the ring.

Aldis trapped Murdoch in a figure-four. Latimer and Shaw took flight to land atop the submission pile. When Shaw had Latimer trapped in a choke, Aldis landed a flying elbow drop. Aldis seized the moment for a tombstone piledriver. The impact wasn’t clean, so Shaw was able to kick out.

Down the stretch, Aldis locked in a cloverleaf submission on Murdoch. Latimer broke it up. Aldis found his groove for a back body drop to send Latimer out of the ring onto the concrete floor. Aldis low-bridged the top rope to send Shaw packing. Aldis lost focus on Murdoch, and that cost him the match. Murdoch was waiting to pounce for a flying bulldog. Aldis didn’t see it coming. 1, 2, 3. Murdoch was victorious to be crowned the new NWA worlds champion.

Afterward, Murdoch celebrated with a positive message for the fans. He told them he was going to win the title again, and he did that shit. He doesn’t care if you are fat, ugly, big, tall. If you want something bad enough, work your ass off, don’t give up, and go get it.

Cardona’s title reign ends after 119 days. The second reign for Murdoch is now underway.

Was the impromptu main event a satisfactory conclusion for Matt Cardona’s injury while holding the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship? Are you backing Trevor Murdoch as the new titleholder?

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