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Samuel Shaw returns to NWA for a strange segment

The next chapter for Samuel Shaw begins with the NWA at the Alwayz Ready PPV. The man formerly known as Dexter Lumis in NXT arrived on the scene for one strange segment.

“Hatchet” Sam Shaw made his way to the ring for an interview. He lived up to his nickname with a bloody hatchet on the back of his jacket. Shaw’s last appearance in the NWA was four years ago. Kyle Davis did his best to pump information out of Shaw. Was he excited to return to the NWA? No answer. What does he hope to accomplish in the NWA? No answer. Who would he like to wrestle in the NWA? No answer.

Rush Freeman interrupted to profess his adulation for Shaw. He was a fan for years and excited to share a locker room with Shaw. All of a sudden, Sal Rinauro attacked Shaw from behind. Shaw caught Rinauro’s punch with ease and slapped him across the face. Rinauro charged forward for another attack. Freeman grabbed Shaw’s arm to execute a teamwork double clothesline to Rinauro. Freeman did the same thing again to send Rinauro packing over the ropes. Shaw was not keen on being used in this manner.

Freeman held out his arms for a hug. No reaction from Shaw. Freeman offered a handshake instead. Shaw accepted, but he did not let go. Shaw grabbed Freeman for a slam and a Kata Gatame choke. Freeman passed out.

Rinauro tried to attack for the third time. He had a little success with a boot to the mush, but his flying strike was caught for the Silence choke. Rinauro was fading fast when Gaagz The Gymp entered the ring. He steered clear of Shaw and helped his pal Sal to exit.

Watch Sam Shaw’s return to the NWA unfold on the Alwayz Ready pre-show (starting at the 19:38 mark).

Shaw remains a man of few words, or none at all. He was an impressive specimen in a ring full of weirdos. Shaw should be able to quickly rise up the card in the NWA.

Update: Shaw spoke! He said he wanted in on the impromptu four-way worlds championship main event. Shaw didn’t win the belt in the end, but he did have this snazzy leg drop sequence.

What’s your reaction to Sam Shaw’s return to the NWA?

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