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These aren’t your usual cryptic Bray Wyatt tweets

Windham’s latest seem pretty definitive on a return to wrestling.

Windham Rotunda’s Instagram

We’d had some fun with Bray Wyatt’s Twitter game here in the past. Including that one time he called me out for it and I laughed but was also kind of scared (don’t worry, we made up... I think).

Windham, as he’s now known, usually posts ominous-yet-vague messages, the kind of thing written in books people find early on in horror movies that end up unleashing hell on earth. If you dig them, you dig them. If you don’t, you keep it moving.

His latest tweets, which prompted the speculation mentioned in our latest Rumor Roundup, seem different. So if you’re in the “keep it moving” camp, you might want to give these more of a look...

That reads to me like a guy who had a pretty bad experience at the end of his last wrestling run, then took some time to channel his creative energies into another project while people wondered if he was interested in returning to what made him famous and reports said he was asking for tons of money to do anything wrestling-related. All of which lines up with the narrative we’ve heard since his WWE release last summer.

Still plenty to decipher and speculate on, of course. Does #IFoundIt mean his passion? A place to execute his vision? Both? “Almost time” sounds soon, but how soon? And that’s before we even get into his handle being “Wyatt6” now and the new moth profile pic.

We’ll find out at some point, I reckon. And then we can start debating his work again, instead of just his social media.

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