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Big boys

Deep in his hurt over Bobby Lashley’s perceived WrestleMania snub, MVP has embraced the 7 foot tall Omos, and now they do battle a second time.

Size matters, but pride matters more.

Omos no doubt picked up a lot of wins before finally losing his undefeated streak at the hands of Lashley last month at WrestleMania, but his natural size advantage isn’t especially matched by athleticism or wrestling acumen. He plies his trade almost entirely on size and strength and pure intimidation, but he’s relatively easily outmaneuvered, as Bob showed us all by taking him down in dramatic fashion with a spear to the back.

Indeed, even on pure strength he’s outclassed by the All Mighty, as their arm wrestling contest a few weeks ago showed up, and combined with the bigger man having all the articulation of a 1991 ToyBiz Juggernaut action figure, means that in a straight contest, Lashley should probably win every time.

But there’s more than just two big boys tossing ham hocks at each other in play in this match, no— Montel Vontavious Porter’s feelings are the beating heart of this conflict.

MVP felt snubbed by Bobby Lashley not bringing him along as his manager at WrestleMania, a role that Porter has largely fallen into as his ring time as an active competitor has shrank. Father Time comes for us all, and it’s a role he’s good at— indeed it’s entirely likely that without his management talent, Bob wouldn’t be a two-time WWE Champion today.

Regardless, he felt left out and decided that the best course of action was, rather than to address things directly with his man, simply to change horses, to back Omos, to prove once and for all that it was his management and wrestling insight that got Lashley where he is, by doing the same for Omos.

And who knows? Maybe he can elevate Jordan No-Joints to the world title, it worked for the Great Khali after all. And maybe through chicanery and subterfuge and plain luck he can score Omos a big win over a big man, especially since Cedric Alexander is trying to get his way back into Montel’s good graces.

But where Lashley is legit, a living legend, Walking Armageddon personified, Omos is just another big man who will coast by on his size until the day he can’t, and then he’ll fade away.

Will the All Mighty prevail over his former mentor’s new protege or is he doomed to fall before the might of Omos?


Who will win?

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