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NWA Roundup: Trevor Murdoch vs. Mike Knox slugfest, more!

Let’s check in on the National Wrestling Alliance.

If you missed the news, Matt Cardona tore his bicep over the weekend. Cardona is scheduled to defend the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship against Nick Aldis at the Alwayz Ready PPV on June 11. As of this writing, the NWA has not announced any changes to the card.

The main event for last week’s episode of NWA Powerrr was a slugfest between Trevor Murdoch and Mike Knox.

Knox kicked off the show with a promo in the ring. Harry Smith was not medically cleared to compete. Knox ran his mouth about Smith being scared and faking an injury. Knox called best friend Matt Cardona, who came up with a great idea for a substitute. Knox likes the edge his seen lately from Trevor Murdoch, so he called out the former champ for a match. Murdoch was not in the venue yet, but he doesn’t back down from fights.

The main event between Murdoch and Knox was a donnybrook. They exchanged heavy blows right as the opening bell sounded. Murdoch clotheslined Knox to send both of them over the top rope crashing down to the concrete floor. Back in the ring, Knox applied a side headlock grinding Murdoch on the mat. Murdoch rallied with a DDT, but he was too worn out to make the cover. Murdoch took control for clotheslines and a two-handed chokeslam. He went up top for a flying bulldog, but Knox dodged the attack. Knox pounced for a running crossbody tackle. He planted Murdoch with a swinging reverse STO. Murdoch refused to lose.

Knox brought in a ring bell. When the referee snatched it away, Knox shoved him. Knox whiffed on the foreign object strike, and Murdoch clotheslined him out of the ring as the referee called for the disqualification. Murdoch was awarded the DQ victory.

In other action, Max The Impaler mauled Ella Envy to win via backbreaker. Cyon prevailed over Joe Alonzo via two consecutive Death Valley Drivers in a lengthy duel.

Last week’s episode of NWA USA featured national heavyweight champion Jax Dane in tag team action against Father James Mitchell’s Miserably Faithful.

Dane teamed with Magic Jake against Judias & Sal Rinauro. Jake and Sal worked comedy with magic and weirdness. Dane and Judias were the powerhouses. After Judias pummeled Jake with a flying clothesline and chokeslam, he signaled for the finish. Dane pulled Jake out of the ring to prevent the military press teamwork attack from the Miserably Faithful. Judias pulled Jake back into the ring. Dane backed away from the larger man. The referee was occupied with Judias and Dane on the outside. Gaagz the Gymp ran in for a sliced bread. Sal picked up the pin on Jake.

In other action, Jay Bradley used a punt and a vicious lariat to defeat Brady Pierce. Mims beat AJ Cazana via big strong side slam. Both bouts were competitive affairs.

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