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The One Where Wardlow Loses His Job

EDITOR’S NOTE: This was written before MJF no-showed his scheduled AEW FanFest appearance. More on that here.

Wardlow vs. MJF

It’s the make-or-break moment of Wardlow’s career. He either walks away from this match a free man who can sign an official AEW contract, or he loses that opportunity forever.

The Road to Double or Nothing

It all started when Wardlow helped CM Punk defeat MJF at Revolution. The man was fed up with his boss’s shenanigans and constant disrespect, and he finally FINALLY did something about it.

Obviously, helping your boss’s opponent defeat and embarrass him on live tv isn’t going to win you any employee of the month awards, and MJF was rightly pissed as hell. Wardlow tried to politely and respectfully ask for his release, but polite and respect are not words in MJF’s vocabulary. So instead, he took to embarrassing his employee by calling him piggy on tv and interfering with his matches. If MJF and Shawn Spears didn’t get involved in Wardlow’s TNT title match we wouldn’t have to deal with whatever the hell this is. Truly, the heelish of moves!

But Wardlow was patient and chose his moments of attack carefully. MJF may have wanted him to sit at home and waste away, but Wardlow refused and continued to mess up matches for both MJF and Shawn Spears. It ain’t so fun when it’s you on the losing side, is it, Max!

Of course, that only enraged the Long Island native more, and he doubled down on his efforts to control his employee. He stripped him of his music, surrounded him with security guards, and made him wrestle several very large men. But nothing stopped the War Dog.

Finally, MJF agreed to release Wardlow from his contract with a few stipulations, of course.

Stipulation one: survive MJF in Long Island.

Stipulation two: survive ten lashings from MJF’s very own hand

Stipulation three: beat Shawn Spears in a cage match with MJF as a referee

Only then would Wardlow earn a singles match against MJF and potentially his freedom from his employ.

Spoiler: he totally did all those things.

What to watch for

What you always watch for in an MJF match: cheating! MJF will do absolutely everything in his power to make sure his “piggy” doesn’t get the win.

But Wardlow has had an answer for everything MJF has thrown at him. He beat the big men, tossed around the security, broke out of his cuffs, embarrassed Shawn Spears, and gloriously no-sold the whips. He worked for MJF for long enough, knows the tricks, and knows his weaknesses! So MJF will have to be extra devious to get one over on calm, cool, collected Wardlow.

This one feels like a no-brainer. The build to this match has been phenomenal. Wardlow has gone from a low-level lackey to a wrestler with the potential to rise to the very top of AEW. Tonight feels like the natural conclusion to this feud where Wardlow finally earns his freedom from MJF. It would be criminal if he didn’t win! It is unlikely that he loses here, but MJF always has a trick or two under that Burberry scarf, so even though it is unlikely, it is possible.

Here’s hoping the War Dog finds both peace and a new job tonight at Double or Nothing.


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