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Veda Scott & Mike Bailey were married by an Elvis, would recommend

Impact Wrestling’s “Speedball” Mike Bailey and indie wrestler & commentator Veda Scott have been an item for a while. Their relationship including a lengthy stretch as a long distance couple when visa issues kept Bailey in his native Canada for five years.

With Mike’s travel ban lifted and COVID restrictions eased, both sweethearts are now able to move about freely. So when they decided to get married, and could go anywhere they wanted to to tie the knot, where did they go to the chapel?

Vegas, baby!

As you can see, it wasn’t just a wedding that happened to be in Las Vegas. They were pronounced the Speedballs by one of Nevada’s many ordained Elvis impersonators. The Queer-identifying couple also found themselves a progressive, inclusive Elvis no less. It’s no wonder Veda gave him the highest possible rating.

Congrats to Mike & Veda! And Viva Las Vegas!

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