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Ric Flair won’t face Hulk Hogan in his Last Match, will come off the top rope

As a 68 year old who says he’s gone under the knife 23 times in the last decade, Hulk Hogan seemed to have finally given up teasing one more match.

But as we often hear, pro wrestling is a “never say never” business... so when one of the Hulkster’s Rock ‘n’ Wrestling era contemporaries, B. Brian Blair of the popular 1980s tag team The Killer Bees, told Wrestling Shoot Interviews he was “looking forward to seeing Flair & Hogan at SummerSlam [weekend]”, a lot of folks took that as confirmation HH would be one of the Nature Boy’s opponents in a rumored six-man tag at Ric Flair’s Last Match on Sun., July 31 in Nashville.

Flair says that’s not the plan, though. At least no one has told him if it is. Asked if he was wrestling Hogan on his To Be The Man podcast, Naitch replied:

“Not that I know of, I think you would have run that by me. He’s invited, I’ve talked to him personally, to come to the roast and to come to the match. He hasn’t confirmed for sure, but I’m pretty sure he’ll be there. Without Eric Bischoff booking it, he doesn’t want anything to do with me [laughs].”

Whether you were dreading or pumped for Flair and Hogan to be on opposite sides of the ring (reportedly with FTR by Flair’s side against the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express plus one), you can still be afraid or enthused about the prospect of 73 year old Ric attempting a move off the top rope. In an interview with the Tampa Bay Times, Naitch promised he’d work a spot he’s missed more than he’s hit into his Last Match:

“That’s what I’m working on. It’s just a timing issue. I’ll guarantee I’ll be coming off the top rope. Whether it’s the flip or not, I don’t know.”

That’s something I never thought I’d see again. But “never say never...”

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