LM/WS WWE Intercontinental Championship Finals

We have reach the top 30. This is it we will go until there is one wrestler. They will start with there last score form the qualifying rounds.

  • Please read all Rules
  • All champions and wild card start at 5 point, when the reach or drop below 0 the are eliminated.
  • Each post you can add 3 points to one champion and minus 3 points from one champion. Point will be doubled when we reach the top 8
  • You must wait until 3 people have posted before you may post again and each person is limited to 5 post every day
  • Lighting round will take place for the top 20 and 10. Lighting rounds will take place outside of normal score and last for at least 8 hours.
  • Rules for lighting rounds
  • At the start of the round all wrestlers will start with 0 points
  • You will have 3 points to split up between the wrestlers each time you post.
  • You will not minus points in the lighting. You still must wait for three people to post before you re-post but there in no limit to the amount of times you can post within the lighting round and they will not count towards your daily limit
  • At the end of the lighting round the two lowest scores will be eliminated. Then we will return to the pre-lighting round scores
  • If there is a tie
  • the wrestler(s) who have the highest regular score will be safe.
  • if there is still a tie all the tied wrestlers will enter a two hour Tie-breaker round
  • The Tie-breaker round will have the same rules as the lighting round
  • At the end of the Tie-breaker round all wrestlers with the lowest score will be eliminated.
  • Qualifying List will end when the Top 15 is reached
Pedro Morales - 17
Randy Savage - 17
Ricky Steamboat - 26
The Honkytonk Man - 26
Rick Rude - 14
Mr. Perfect - 26
Bret Hart - 17
Roddy Piper -17
Shawn Michaels - 11
Razor Ramon(Scott Hall) - 14
Goldust(Dustin Rhodes) - 14
Rocky Maivia(The Rock) - 11
Owen Hart - 8
Edge - 5
Chris Jericho - 14
Lance Storm - 11
William Regal - 23
Shelton Benjamin - 17
Kofi Kingston - 11
Rey Mysterio - 11
Drew McIntyre - 14
Dolph Ziggler - 11
Wade Barrett - 8
Cody Rhodes - 17
The Miz -38
Big E Langston(Big E) - 11
Luke Harper(Brodie Lee) - 11
Seth Rollins - 11
Shinsuke Nakamara - 8
AJ Styles - 38

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